Re-Balancing Meditation

Tip:  The best time to listen to the below meditation is when you are experiencing a heightened emotion.  Where possible go and lie down on the bed flat with your arms spread out to the sides and stay there for the entire meditation.
Surrender and allow whatever thoughts and feelings you are experiencing to show up, you are safe, it will pass, just focus on your breathing and just allow the process.
Welcome any thoughts, memories, feelings, visualisations that may come up.  Allow yourself to be like a witness to what you are seeing, feeling or thinking.  You may want to write down any insights or 'aha's' you may have received.
Re-balancing Guided Meditation & Music.mby Melinda Langford
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Emotional  Trigger's Log

You might like to treat this log like a mini journal, every time you experience an upset, briefly record down the details as instructed in the workbook.  After a while you may start to see a pattern with your upsets.

Tip:  Once the upset has passed or calmed down it is a good idea to do some reflection on what had occurred.  This will help you to better recognise, acknowledge & accept what internal triggers have been playing out for you.

Now you will be in a better position to start to re-program your belief system.

Distant Energy Healing Guided Meditation

Optional:  This guided meditation and music is designed to support you to become deeply relaxed and receptive before you receive distant energy healing.
The audio track will guide you through each step of the way.  All the instructions are explained at the beginning of the track. Once all the commentary has ceased, I would have already started transmitting the distant energy healing.  Just relax, be open and allow to receive the beautiful energies.
I will then follow up with you 2 days after you have received your energy healing via email, just to check in to see how you are going.
NOTE:  With any healing session, especially if it was powerful, you may feel a bit tired, experience vivid dreams, feel emotions re-surfacing to be released or dealt with, become more emotional in general or have light headaches.  All these symptoms are normal & part of the healing & integration process which usually can last for a couple of days or up to 2-3weeks. 
These healing sessions can create important changes and bring about deep healing.
Energy Healing Guided MeditationBy Melinda Langford
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