Would you like to be in your own space and experience a private workshop & energy activation in the comfort of your own home!


ASHATI is a self paced accelerated energy healing, meditation, psychic, personal and spiritual development program. 

You will start to change your perspective on what is possible, explore your own mind, let go of fears and restrictions. 


Ultimately, Ashati energy will help you to manifest the life you truly desire.


The Ashati System is designed to help you heal your body, mind and soul.  It will also expand your awareness and higher (psychic) senses, understand your thoughts and emotions, connect with your Higher-Self and much more.


The Ashati 1 is the first stage (of 3) in your emotional and mental clearing and healing journey. The Ashati 1 energies facilitate healing on many levels especially on the mind, something that is unique to this system, and one of its many strengths.


As you continue through this journey, your true purpose can start to reveal itself to you.  It has always been there. 

The private workshop environment focuses on one level at a time, starting with Ashati 1. Each level workshop allows an integration period between each level, to give you the opportunity to fully allow the changes that are occurring with as much grace and ease as possible.

As you progress through the levels, You will learn and experience using energy for HEALING yourself and others.


The Support you will receive over the course of the first 3 levels are:

2 hour Sessions

Guided meditations

Energy Activations & description (one activation per level per workshop)
Psychic development opportunities
Energy Healing steps

 Ashati  Certificates (one per level)
Ashati Full Manuals from Ashati.org and be initiated into the Ashati Online Community Forum, certifications and online access to many videos, meditations, tools and resources

What you will learn over the course of the 3 Ahati levels:

The Chakras of the lower & higher consciousness
Clearing & releasing energetic blockages & repressed emotions
Balancing your chakras (to ensure you are able to function clearly and calmly in your day)
Protecting your energy (so that you are not affected by other people’s energy, especially important for the empaths)
Cutting energetic cords (with relationships that drain your energy from the past or present)
Grounding techniques (being ‘earthed’ helps you to stay balanced and make better decisions)
Clearing negative energy
Self-healing techniques
Healing others
Healing food, water, pets, plants, Earth
Strengthening & utilising your Higher Senses:

 Lets take that step forward together....

Are you ready to embark on this journey to ultimately experience Emotional, Mental Empowerment & Spiritual awakening by letting go of what's not serving you and move closer to your true essence, your divine self and do what it is that you were meant to do?

​I am here to support you all the way!

1-1 Private Workshop

Ashati 1 - $240.00 AUD

Ashati 2 - $240.00 AUD (pre-requisite Ashati 1)

Ashati 3 - $240.00  AUD (pre-requisite Ashati 2)


Full Payment $670.00 AUD (Saving $50)

(includes: 2 hours, Guided Meditation, Appropriate Level Energy Activation, Content Education, Energy Healing, Certificate & Manual, Videos)

Session is conducted via Zoom/Skype or In-person
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