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13 Week
Soul Healing & Empowerment Program

'We focus not on the outcome but on the soul healing journey along the way'  - Melinda Langford

Embark on a powerful healing Journey that will feed your body, mind, soul & spirit to heal, change & transform

Throughout our life we choose to hold onto certain thoughts, feelings, perceptions, fears, limitations at different times in our evolutionary journey for varying reasons.  Although these reasons might have had good intentions and served a purpose at the time, it can also turn out to be the very thing that is keeping us blocked from what we are be seeking. 
This program has been designed to really help you step by step laying new foundations, gaining clarity, experiencing light bulb moments, in aid of working through and clearing those blockages, so you can really build a whole new higher reality for yourself.

This program is personalised to each souls' individual journey. 

Although there is an overall structure to the program, it is intuitively tailored to each persons’ individual needs.  In general something each person will be supported in, is:

  • To become more aware of the different aspects of themselves.

  • To heal and change their relationship with the emotional body, so they can learn to feel, understand & embrace emotions from a whole new perspective.

  • To heal deeper layers of their consciousness and body as a whole.

  • Learn to see things in a more macrocosmic view of both themselves and the world.

  • Strengthen the connection with their innate knowing.

  • Re-connect with mother earth and awaken to their true divinity.

  • To empower themselves with their own self healing in support of their individual soul journey.

  • To raise their level of vibration.


This is achieved through specific practices, tools, wisdom sharing and techniques that will support each person with their healing and empowerment process.

How the Overall structure of the program looks like:


Transference Healing® - (90-120mins)


Experience 6xFortnightly 7th dimensional frequency healing sessions - where frequency is being channelled into your body.  It is designed to clear old distortions within our blueprint, DNA & Cellular structure.  It works on the electromagnetic field, etheric field and the physical body, creating change in order  for you to start healing and raising your level of consciousness as part of the evolutionary ascension process. The procedures performed during a frequency healing session work on all levels of our being, creating an alchemical process.  Ultimately creating a shift in consciousness. 


This is to help bring to light and clear out what you are supported to let go of.  These sessions can be performed either face to face or remotely.


Soul Healing Session - (120mins)


Experience 6x Fortnightly Soul Healing Sessions - courageously taking a journey into your inner world, where you will be gently supported in a more practical "how to" step by step process to further purify and heal suppressed emotions, deep energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, thought patterns and karmic stories in support of your overall healing process.


It can also help to bring to light the blockages that maybe holding you back from being in alignment with our soul's path.

This session is best conducted in a face to face environment.


Completion Session - (90mins)


Conclude with 1x Completion Session - Closing the program with a review over the past 12weeks on the changes & progress that have occurred and moving forward, what tools & techniques you acquired along the way and what's next.


Unlimited Support for the duration of the Program

Receive unlimited email or voice recording support and guidance throughout the entire 13weeks when needed, and weekly homework, exercises or practices to support the change and embodiment process. 



Unlimited Access to a Resource Library 

RE-BALANCING  GUIDED MEDITATION - Meditation track supplied to help bring you back in to balance.

GROUNDING  GUIDED MEDITATION - Meditation track to help you to energetically ground back into your body.

CONNECTING INTO THE BODY, INNER FEMININE & MASCULINE ASPECTS OF SELF- GUIDED MEDITATION- Meditation track supplied for ongoing support outside of the healing session.

CONNECTING TO THE 5 MAIN ASPECTS OF SELF GUIDED MEDITATION - Meditation track to help you increase your awareness to each main aspect of self.

CONNECTING TO YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES GUIDED MEDITATION - Meditation track to help you establish you connection with your spirit guides.

7TH DIMENSIONAL FREQUENCY HEALING GUIDED MEDITATION - (This only applies for when receiving a remote frequency healing session).

EMOTIONAL TRIGGER'S LOG - Help track what situations and people trigger you through out your day/week, to assist further with your self exploration.

ENERGETIC & PHYSICAL CLEANSING & PROTECTION RITUALS- A variety of practices and exercises you can apply to maintain your own well-being.

HEALING, PURIFICATION & SELF CARE RITUALS- A variety of practices and exercises you can apply to maintain your own well-being.

DAILY ENERGY EXERCISE ROUTINE - To help support your overall wellness especially supportive for sensitive people.

How each Soul Healing Session works

Within a 120 minute soul healing session, each person is held in a safe energetic container as they travel inward on a deeper level and helped to release what is ready to be let go of.  This is where the 'how to' in your overall purification process comes into play.  It is such a beautiful healing process to witness.

Each session further helps and supports many aspects such as:

  • clearing old traumas from the body memory,

  • removing and re-balancing any emotional blockages,

  • supports changing limiting perspectives and beliefs,

  • heal inner child wounds,

  • helps to expand your awareness,

  • differentiate between your brain/ego & your higher sense of self,

  • let go of fears.

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to start raising the level of your frequency - ready to change.

  • You are ready to go on a inward journey to remove the veils blocking your inner guidance, your intuition, or true essence, .

  • You desire to awaken and connect to the sacred wisdom of your womb.

  • You are ready to have more of a macrocosmic view of yourself and the world around you.

  • You are ready to reconnect to Mother Earth and to remain grounded.

  • You are ready to heal the imbalances of your inner feminine & masculine essences.

  • You desire to connect with your soul and your path on a deeper level.

  • You desire to step into and embrace your deepest feminine power.

  • You are ready to heal on all levels of your being.

  • You are open minded and ready to experience all aspects of yourself in a more conscious way.

Want to Experience a taste of Transference Healing®
Experience a Single Soul Healing Session first

Maybe you would prefer to experience a taste of Transference healing®, especially if you are new to energy healing.


Maybe you would prefer to experience a single soul healing session first, to help you decide if this type of transformation work is a right fit for you.

Maybe You Need to Book a FREE Heart to Heart Call 
We will work together to explore what you are currently experiencing.  We will identify what soul healing, frequency healing or transformational work best suits your needs.

You can empower your true essence and start transforming your life

​I am here to support you all the way.
please review the frequently asked questions  below.

13 Week Soul Healing & Empowerment Program
Payment Option 1
13 x Weekly payments of $139.40 AUD

Payment Option 2
One Cost: $1,712.00 AUD
($100.00 savings if you pay in Full - it is a little over $18 a day worth of investment)

(Program includes: 6x120min Soul healings sessions, 6x90-120min sessions - Frequency Energy Healing, Homework Activities, Unlimited Email Support & lifetime access to the resources, 1x90min Completion Session)

All Sessions can be conducted via a Zoom Meeting or In-Person
By providing my information, I hereby consent that I have read, understood, and agree to Terms & Conditions , Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer (located at the footer of the website).

Have  any questions ?   Connect with Me

Frequently Asked Questions

Soul Healing Sessions

What kind of work will I be doing?

Well it really comes down to what concerns or issues are currently going on in your life that you want to be addressed.  Or if you are seeking more deeper healing and are open to what your higher self believes you need to address, then exploring your subconscious mind through a number of techniques can be gently explored.

How will I feel after our private healing sessions?

Each private healing session will vary depending on how deep of a transformation had occurred during the session.  With every transformation, a period of restoration and integration is needed to better support your personal transformation process.  Each process is different for each person.  You will be supported through out your process.

7th Dimensional Frequency Healing Sessions
Do you need to know what I look like or see me for the energy healing to work?

If you opt to receive the channelled frequencies remotely, then No.  The work is based on intention, belief and trust.  The energies are channelled to your etheric patterning.  It is facilitated by Transference Healing frequencies along with your higher self.  We are working at an energy level.

How long does the frequency healing session go for?

The frequency healing session will go for approximately 1hr-1.5hrs.

Is there anything I have to do to prepare for the session?

If you are receiving the frequency healing session remotely, you will receive access to a guided meditation that will guide you through step by step.  This is to be started at the time of the scheduled remote frequency healing session.

If you are receiving the healing session in person, all you need to do is lie down or sit back with feet up on a footstool and you will be guided to relax and be open and receptive to receiving the channelled frequencies while listening to some soft soothing music.

Will I feel anything during the healing session?

Each person is different in there level of sensitivity and awareness.  You may feel tingling sensations, pressure like sensations or more stronger sensations in different parts of your body.  This is all normal and part of the healing process.  Or you may not feel anything at all, this is not a problem, the energies are still being channelled into your body.  They are working more on a back ground level.

What can I expect after the healing session?

Energy will be channelled into your body and will be facilitated by your higher self regarding how you will best benefit from the flow.

After the healing, the integration process will begin.  You may feel tired, have a slight headache, experience vivid dreams, feel emotions re-surfacing which need to be released or dealt with, and you may become more emotional in general.   Your relationships, work and life in general may be affected during this short period, especially if there are aspects within that need to change, clear or heal.

All the symptoms mentioned above and additional ones which are unique to each individual are normal and part of a healing and integration process which will continue in the weeks to follow.


What do I do after the healing session has completed?

It's best to drink plenty of water and you may want to take your time getting up. 

If you are receiving the frequency healing session remotely, we will then connect via zoom to receive some insights of your internal process.  This will be for approximately 15 - 30mins.  A therapeutic essence will also be mailed to you in support of your integration process of the healing frequencies.  

What kind of additional support do I receive  after the healing session?

If you have enrolled in the 13week program, ongoing support is available throughout the program with me and through the resource library that has been created to support your ongoing healing journey.

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