Come together and experience powerful group meditations, activities and healing with a group of like minded people!

An Ashati circle allows a group of like minded people that have been initiated to Ashati to come together on a regular basis to help them fast track their personal, psychic & spiritual development.  It is led by trained and registered Circle Facilitator.



Melinda Langford will help and support Ashati initiates and others to explore their mind and emotions, develop their meditation skills, healing abilities, higher senses (psychic & medium ship skills) and much more.


Coming together as a group and having the opportunity to share feedback, learn from other participants and heal, is a powerful and essential tool to fast-track your personal & spiritual development.


What you will Experience:

Guided Meditations & Feedback

Development & Introspection Activities

Individual Healing

Group Healing





Duration & Medium:

In person - Western Sydney


Distant - Zoom Conferencing

2-2.5 hours

(allow extra time for meet & Greet time)


Once a month