Experiencing a powerful and profoundly beautiful spiritual & energetic ceremony will help heal you & bring you back to the essence of who you truly are!

As you may already know, we are all pure energy beings, having a human experience!

The true essence of who we are  is pure energy or pure consciousness, vibrating at different levels of frequencies.  We are energetic beings or spiritual beings having a physical experience.   Studies have revealed there is some sort of intelligent field all around us, through us, which has been commonly referred to as either God, the universe, source etc.  We were all created by this intelligent field, I like to use the term God or Source. 

Basically the essence of who we are, is millions of years old of when we were all first created.  Therefore we are infinite beings, we can never dye.  Yes, the physical body will perish and wither away.  This is what most of us are familiar with as this is what we have seen or heard from others.  However, there is more to it. 

This process of physical death is only a gateway or doorway if you like, to leaving this dimension.  If fact we are suppose to or have the opportunity to travel through into another dimension (the spirit dimension if you will, also commonly referred to it as heaven).  The same goes for birth, it is a gateway or doorway for us to incarnate into matter, into this dimension.

The universe and beyond is made up of so many dimensions or levels.  We are multi-dimensional beings, intricate and complex.  Just like our physical bodies are intricate and complex, so too is our energy field around us. 


Given that we are infinite beings and there are studies that show we are in fact millions of years old, then it stands to reason that we have also experienced more than one life,  incarnated multiple times.  Most of us just don’t remember them as we have become so disconnected from who we truly are over life times of experiences and situations that have occurred.


Everything first exists in the energy form before it manifests into reality including ourselves .  So if we then work on the energy level and alter the energy bodies rather then trying to change things once they have materialised, we are working from a much more empowering and effective approach.




Working at an energy level, helps you to heal yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

This process is a healthy alternative if you are seeking a more natural way of bringing yourself back into balance. 


Energy healing balances out the energy in the body, moves old stagnant, suppressed energy out and brings your energy back into alignment, helping with the natural healing process of the physical body.

The Ashati energies will gently process you as you progress in your own journey of healing & re-connection back to your true essence of who you are.  This journey can support you to become a more CONSCIOUS, PURPOSE DRIVEN being!

This process can naturally help to trigger and accelerate your healing process around deep emotional, mental & sometimes physical wounding.

It can help you to let go of false limitations & restrictive influences, reconnect you energetically and directly to higher levels within your own consciousness & so much more.

Ultimately helping you to manifest what you truly desire in alignment with your highest good!


First Level - Ashati 1

The Ashati 1 energy activation, its energies and the 21-day integration period that is necessary, will help with healing and changes on many levels.

These energies will support you to work on repressed emotions, fears, anxieties, limiting beliefs and other aspects of the lower emotional body and the lower mental body, as well as to expand your higher senses (psychic senses) and fast-track your journey towards spiritual awakening and ascension.

Second Level - Ashati 2

(Pre-requsite - Ashati 1)

Ashati 2 energy activation, its energies and the 21-day integration period that is necessary, focuses on healing a group of energetic bodies which forms what we call the soul, as well as activating a deeper level of their connection to the physical body & this is happens through the chakra system (energetic vortexes located in specific area of the body).

This level is centred on healing your soul and developing your body’s connection to it, thereby helping you reach a new level of awareness and perception being your higher consciousness.


This allows you to reach a much higher level of consciousness (the “higher consciousness”), higher senses, inner guidance and spiritual awakening.   It will also align your physical and soul levels so you can start to better understand yourself, your path and your purpose.


Third Level - Ashati 3

(Pre-requsite - Ashati 2)

Ashati 3 energy activation, its energies and the 21-day integration period that is necessary, focuses on starting a completely new level of personal development and spiritual ascension.


This level is centred on further healing and a much deeper personal and spiritual development. It gives you access to sixth dimensional energies and the ability to perform much stronger healings for yourself and others, clear unwanted energies, balance chakras, perform a new level of psychic guidance, and much more.


It opens up the three chakras above the crown chakra and starts to reconnect the body and its conscious awareness to your own spirit (reaching the “spirit consciousness”).


This level will also give you access to much higher and very powerful energies for healing, clearing, guidance and manifestation purposes.

Are you interested in receiving an energy activation today?  Well here is how you can!

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