Are you seeking Emotional, Mental Empowerment & Spiritual Ascension?

Learn How to at...

Awaken Your Senses


Ignite Your Soul

12 week Online Course

(31 August 2019 - 17 November 2019)

personally facilitated each week

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A Step by Step Process with a Holistic Approach

It is an immersive experience that will take you through the labyrinth of your being in support of reconnecting you back to the true essence of who you are.

The inner part of you that is waiting to find a voice and show you your own path & unique life purpose.

Here is Some of what You Will Learn . . .

#1 How to be Present in your Body

Learn to be present in your body so you can start to understand what your body is communicating to you, where you are out of alignment - whether it be emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

This Course Is For You If. . .

 Energy Work or Energy  Healing appeals to you and are ready to work with it in your daily life.

You are seeking Purpose & Direction in your life as you may be feeling stuck, confused or scattered.

You are ready to achieve Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual Empowerment by releasing the blocks that are standing in your way.

You have a strong desire to connect and know Thy Self - The True You.

About the facilitator

Melinda Langford

Energy Healer/teacher &  Soul Empowerment Coach

Melinda is here to help and support you to reconnect to the essence of who you are and lead you to become a more conscious purpose driven being.

Her Mission

To inspire & support those who are seeking resolution to heal themselves of old stories, emotional wounds, old patterning, soul wounding and achieve spiritual ascension.

Melinda supports you to come back into balance and step into your greatness and divine calling with as much ease and grace as possible.   

What People are Saying about Melinda Langord...

Melinda has a wonderful and very giving energy and aura around her.  She has the ability to really feel things, identify with them, get to the core and heal.  I have experienced this from Melinda and I can say that she is amazing.  Thank you Melinda for being you and for sharing your light with me.  Love and Light to you always.

Mita MJ Parmar

Leadership and Resilience Mentor

Growing up I was labeled ‘sensitive’ and I thought this meant there was something wrong with me. Somewhere in my life journey, I chose to ignore how I felt and live my life by what I thought.

Melinda helped me to get out of my head, surrender to my feelings and take inspired action from my heart-centre. I am so grateful to Melinda and recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward in their life in alignment with their heart-centre.

Jean Cobine

Transformation Coach

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