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Beyond Doorways Level 1 Healing Session

‘Enlightenment is not just a state of mind; it is a state of being.’ Alexis Cartwright.

Experience a taste of the Transference Healing® Energies


In this powerful healing session you will experience a taste of the magic a full transference healing® session offers. 


These healing procedures can also be found in Alexis Cartwright's book 'Beyond Doorways - The Mysteries Revealed', where you can run them on yourself as frequently as you like.


This healing session works with some of the fundamental Transference Healing® frequencies.  This energetic healing session channels colour, sound, frequency and light into your etheric/physical body and consciousness.

It helps you to maintain balance and align with the electromagnetic grid of the planet and universe, supporting you to maintain wellness and raise your frequency.  This healing offers you insight into your personal and spiritual journey, aiding clarity and enlightenment.

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