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Beyond Doorways Level 1 & 2 Healing Session

‘Ascension occurs not only in consciousness, but also in body.’ Alexis Cartwright.

Experience a Full Beyond Doorways Healing Session 


In this powerful healing session you will experience an extended Beyond Doorways healing session that works with the healing frequencies explored in 'Beyond Doorways - The Mysteries Revealed' by Alexis Cartwright.


Experience a small sample of the Full Transference Healing® energies

This healing session works with some of the fundamental Transference Healing® frequencies.  This energetic healing session channels colour, sound, frequency and light into your etheric/physical body and consciousness.

Work with Atlantean & Lemurian Dimensions

You will also experience healing procedures from the Atlantean and Lemurian dimensions.  It will be working with your DNA and cellular purification process. 


Experience a Gridding Practice

You will also experience gridding practices that support alchemical change, assisting your physical body to integrate with the higher aspect of your lightbody.

Experience a Full Beyond Doorways Healing

The frequency healing can be performed in-person, in a sacred healing space while you are surrounded by all the energy.  


It can also be performed remotely/absentee, in the comfort of your own home.  All that is required from you is to find yourself a comfortable place, relax and just enjoy being open to receiving the beautiful energies.  Once the healing has completed, we connect via zoom and an intuitive reading will be provide and therapeutic essence will be mailed to you.


Are You Ready to Book in a Healing Session Today?


Beyond Doorways Level 1 & 2 Healing Session

$140.00 AUD

What you will receive:

  • Single 90min healing session, in-person or absentee/remotely,

  • A detailed intuitive explanation, guidance and copy of the full reading and what you can expect after the healing,

  • A Therapeutic essence  to support the integration of the energies you received,

  • Access to a resource library with guided embodiment practices/tools to support the clearing process,

  • A follow up email within 1 week of the healing session, if you need any extra support, clarity around your healing process.

Session or sessions are conducted either In- Person or Remotely
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