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Daily Energy Exercise

This Daily Energy Routine will support you to feel more energised, balanced and in more harmony with yourself.  By practicing this routine in the morning, it is a great way to get yourself ready for each day ahead.  

The following movements in the video are more focused on working with your etheric body which is strongly connected to your physical body.  Everything manifests initially in the energetic realm before the physical realm, so it only makes a lot of sense to focus on the energy realm when supporting physical healing.

The video is approximately 45mins long.  Once you have gone through the video a few times and you start to remember the sequence, you will be able to complete the routine within approximately 20 minutes or less.

I hope you enjoy this little routine as much as I do.  It is not strenuous at all.

Please click on the link below to access the video.  Try and keep the video size small as the picture quality is not that great if you expand the size of the video.

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