Distant Ashati Energy Healing

When we work at an energy level, this helps us to heal emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.


Energy healing is a natural and powerful way of bringing ourselves back into balance. 


It helps to balance out the energy in the body, moves old stagnant, suppressed energy out and brings your energy back into alignment, helping with the natural healing process of the physical body.

Ashati energies focuses on emotional healing, mental healing, removing and rebalancing emotional blockages, changing limiting perspectives and beliefs, expanding awareness, exploring the mind, letting go of fears, moving forward and much more. 


The Ashati energies gently process you and support you in your own journey of self healing.  It supports you to remember true essence of who you are.  

This process is designed to naturally trigger and help accelerate the healing process around any deep emotional, mental and sometimes physical wounding that we can all carry.

Ashati allows a higher and often still unconscious part of us to find a voice within.  

You can experience Ashati Energy Healing

The energy healing is performed remotely, in the comfort of your own home.  All that is required from you is to find yourself a comfortable place, relax and just enjoy receiving the beautiful energies.

Make sure to read the FAQs below that will answer the commonly asked questions.

Booking a healing session is easy

Single Distant 1-1 Ashati Energy Healing Session

$35.00 AUD

(includes: 1x 30min healing session, email of results - what you were supported with during the energy healing session)

Package Deal - 5x Distant 1-1 Ashati Energy Healing Session
$175.00 AUD
(includes: 5x weekly 30min healing sessions, email of results - what you were supported with during the energy healing session, with unlimited email/voice memo support during the 5 weeks)

Session or sessions are conducted Remotely
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Do you need to know what I look like or see me for the energy healing to work?

No.  The work is based on intention, belief and trust.  The energies are channelled to your energetic field.  It is facilitated by the Ashati guides and Ashati ascended masters along with my higher self and your higher self.  We are working at an energy level.


How long does the energy healing session go for?

The energy healing session will go for a total of 30 minutes.

Is there anything I have to do to prepare for the session?

You will receive access to a guided meditation that will guide you through step by step.  This is to be started at the time of the scheduled distant energy healing session.

Will I feel anything during the healing session?

Each person is different in there level of sensitivity and awareness.  You may feel tingling sensations, pressure like sensations or more stronger sensations in different parts of your body.  This is all normal and part of the healing process.  Or you may not feel anything at all, this is not a problem, the energies are still being channelled into your body.  They are working more on a back ground level.

What can I expect after the healing session?

Energy will be channelled into your body and will be facilitated by your higher self regarding how you will best benefit from the flow.

After the healing, the integration process will begin.  You may feel tired, have a slight headache, experience vivid dreams, feel emotions re-surfacing which need to be released or dealt with, and you may become more emotional in general.   Your relationships, work and life in general may be affected during this short period, especially if there are aspects within that need to change, clear or heal.

All the symptoms mentioned above and additional ones which are unique to each individual are normal and part of a healing and integration process which usually takes from 1 day to up to 21 days.


What do I do after the healing session has completed?

It's best to drink plenty of water and you may want to take your time getting up and moving on with the rest of your day.

You will receive an email feedback shortly after the energy healing session advising what you were supported to heal and what may have presented itself during the healing session.

What kind of additional support do I receive  after healing session?

You will receive a follow up email 2-3 days after the energy healing session from me as I am checking in with your progress, and you also have  1 additional email access to me supporting you during your integration time.

If you took the package deal that comprises of 5 x 30 minute sessions once a week, you will also have unlimited email/recorded voice memo access to me supporting you during your integration time.

Refund Policy

Once payment has been received there is no refund option available.  If you need to cancel, you can reschedule to another date and time, please provide at least 2 days notice for cancellations and reschedules.  If the provider has to cancel the session due to any unforeseen circumstances, a refund will be provided or a transfer to the next scheduled session.