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For generations we as woman have been tested and tried for who we are as woman, our gifts and what we have to offer to ourselves and to the community.

For a very long time now we have been subjected to the patriarchal system or ways.  The system is very unbalanced and we are all being invited to recognise it, which I am certain that we are all quite familiar with this current way of power, control, manipulation, deceit, ownership, to name a few, that has been playing out for generations and generations in hope to find the balance that is necessary to bring life back into harmony and flow.

There is no need to judge, criticise, blame, or project out onto others or even ourselves.  Can we be mature about this and take responsibility, acknowledge, and accept how both individually and collectively we have been playing our part in this current way of what we call life.  How have we continued to contribute to this current system and are we prepared to change.

Are you ready to start bringing things back into balance?  What do I mean by balance?  Are you ready to bring the feminine and the masculine energies back into balance within yourself?

This feminine and masculine that I refer to is not gender related but rather it is an essence that we all carry within us, on an individual level and collectively.  It is this essence that has become wounded and distorted over time.

We are all being invited or called to start remembering and re-anchor the feminine consciousness back into the planet and bring the inner feminine and inner masculine energies back toward balance and harmony again.

Globally we are amid major changes, I feel we are all being invited or called to start remembering and re-anchor the feminine consciousness back onto the planet and to bring this inner feminine and inner masculine energies back toward balance and harmony again.  You may have already noticed or recognised this, if not, then I am proposing this notion to you.  We now have more time and opportunities to begin a self-reflection process, to go within and be still for a moment to get to know ourselves on a deeper level, find out who we really are, what makes us tick, what do we truly desire within our hearts, where we are still holding on to old wounds, and what is holding us back from stepping into our full potential.

For a very long time we as woman have learnt how to become strong and powerful to stand up and play in a patriarchal world, however, we adapted a role by stepping more into our masculine energy.  As a result, we have become unbalanced.  This also applies to the men, they have been expressing themselves through their masculine energy which has become distorted along the way and forgotten totally about the feminine essence that also resides in them.

We are also being invited to open our hearts, to have the courage to feel and express our most inner truth, trust, desires and to lovingly reclaim our feminine sovereignty.  How do we reclaim our feminine sovereignty?  Well the best place to start is with the most sacred feminine part of our body, the sacred knowledge and power of our womb and yoni (vagina) that has been forgotten.

We have always had the potential to self-heal the wounds we have created, whether they are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetically.  The first thing is recognising that this is possible, and we are so much more than just our physical bodies.  That we are powerful multi-dimensional beings – meaning we are operating simultaneously on different levels of our being.

Our womb is very intelligent and a powerhouse lying dormant just waiting for us to consciously awaken her once again

So, when we start to reconnect back to our own wombs, we start to rekindle the spark, the life force within ourselves, we start to awaken our feminine essence/consciousness.  Our womb is very intelligent and a powerhouse lying dormant just waiting for us to consciously awaken her once again.  She is a sacred place of innocence, creativity, sexuality, sensuality, wisdom, and power.  She is also a powerful portal or a gateway where we can connect on different levels/dimensions of our being.  It’s a pathway to remembering the true essence of who we are.

We carry a vast amount of data or information in our wombs, ranging from our early child hood experiences, sexual experiences, our relationship with Mother Earth/Gaia and her elements, our relationship and experiences with the feminine and the masculine, the whole range of pregnancy and childbirth experiences, including our own birth experience in our own mother’s womb to name a few.

The healing we achieve in our wombs and the change we create within ourselves also creates a ripple effect and has an impact on the collective.  By helping ourselves we are also healing the womb of the planet.

Ignite your Connection to your Sacred Womb and Experience some Powerful Feminine Practices to Awaken Your Feminine Essence

In a small group gathering with other beautiful woman you will be introduced and supported to start to connect with and soften into your femininity, sensuality, sexuality, your feminine power and also to birth out your creations into the world all while in a safe and nurturing container. 

You will have the opportunity to participate in gentle feminine body practices, learn about your womb on a much deeper level so she can open like a beautiful flower and release her fragrance.  When we gather in a group environment it is very powerful as it increases the healing potential on an individual level as well as a group level. 

Pink Blossom

What you will be supported with and experience during the gathering

Reconnect with your feminine gateway (womb) and dialogue with her.

Learn about the different gateways within your yoni and womb, what they represent and how you can start to heal her, restoring the energy flow back into her original innocence.

Re-establish a connection with Gaia and ground yourself into Mother Earth.

Start to feel safe in your own skin and connect to your body on a deeper level – establish a connection with your soul/spirit.

Experience how your inner Feminine and Inner Masculine aspects are currently interacting with each other.

Learn how our emotional, mental, energetical and even spiritual bodies heavily influence the wellbeing of your pelvic bowl.

Learn more about your Moon cycle (menstruation) & womb cleanse care, what is a healthy cycle.

Experience gentle womb embodiment practices.

Experience a beautiful and very nurturing ancient practice to support in healing and restoring your pelvic bowl to its most ripe and luscious state – Yoni (vaginal/womb) Steaming.

Learn how to create your own sacred space during your feminine practices.

Learn about loving self-care practices and their benefits.

Receive a group healing in support to heal and release wounding/trauma from the cells of your body.

The womb is linked to our emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies or aspects of ourselves. When there are imbalances showing up in any of these aspects of ourselves, it can show up in our physical body as symptoms, ailments, or dis-ease.  Specifically, in the womb space they can be experienced as cramping, old residue, clots during a womb cleansing time (period) or as cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, PMS symptoms, fertility issues and so on.

When we use non-invasive, all natural and empowering modalities to support our womb through her healing process, we are free to express our sexuality, sensuality, wisdom and creativity openly and powerfully, thereby, reclaiming our feminine sovereignty.

For centuries there have been womb practices used by different cultures around the world to support natural healing and to maintain vitality in your yoni and womb.  You will have the opportunity to experience 3 womb embodiment practices and receive wisdom and insights about your sacred yoni & womb.

Wisdom & Insights


Connecting to our Womb Wisdom, 

When we start to better understand our womb area,  what she looks like and how she works, we start to tune into her rhythms and cycles.  We begin to respect her, work with her and step into her power.

You will learn about the 8 sacred gateways within your yoni & womb, what they represent, how you can start to heal her.  Menstruation Cycle - what is it all about, what is a healthy cycle and how to start honouring your blood.

Womb Practice #1


A guided Journey into the Labyrinth of your womb to connect & dialogue with your womb wisdom

This feminine practice supports you to go within, explore and connect to your womb consciously on an energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.  You will be able to dialogue with her, learn what she needs and how you can start supporting her to heal old wounds and restore her balance and vitality. 

This practice also supports bringing your inner feminine and masculine essences back into union within yourself which will improve your intimate relationships.  When you commune with your womb consciously, you honour her natural rhythms, be more magnetic and open to more pleasurable experiences in your life.

Womb Practice #2


Five Simple Feminine based Yoga Poses

This practice is to support the physical alignment and presence within your pelvis and plays a key role in embodied Feminine Awakening.  You will gently travel through a guided journey designed to take you deep into the inner cauldron of your pelvic bowl and shift into some soft, gentle movements.  You will be encouraged to lean into each pose as much as you can. 

When your pelvic bowl is in balance and flowing with energy, you can then fully embody, enjoy, and express the sensual and creative nature that resides in this space.

Womb Practice #3


Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming

This practice supports the physical well-being of your entire reproductive system (uterus, Fallopian tubes, ovaries), yoni and cervix.  Not to mention it also supports healing emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically, to restore your physical and energetic womb space back to her original richness and vitality. 

You will be held in a sacred, safe container while experiencing a steam ritual in a small closed group environment, while energetically holding space for each other in a sacred woman’s circle. 

Yoni Steaming is an ancient practice that supports the healing, nurturing and nourishment of your most Sacred Feminine aspects of your physical body

Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming is an amazing healing, nurturing, and self-care modality.  I would like to introduce you to Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming.  You may have heard of it and even tried it; imagine including this beautiful healing ritual as part of your regular self-care practice?

Yoni Steaming is an ancient practice that has supported woman and men through may cultures and continues to do so around the world today.  It is non-invasive and works with natural elements in aid to nurture, nourish and heal your most sacred feminine aspect of your physical body, your yoni (vagina) and womb.

How Does Yoni Steaming Work?

Yoni Steaming is where literally the steam from herbal infused hot water gently permeates both the external and internal tissues of your yoni and womb.  The internal areas it covers are the vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.  Externally it gently permeates the clitoris, perineum and up past the anus. 

The herbal steam with its medicinal properties aid to increase circulation, stimulate the lymph system, and encourage detoxification and thins out excess mucus.  This is a nurturing, self-care ritual supporting a full cleanse of the entire reproductive system. 

The Benefits of Steaming

From my own personal experience and the experience of others, some of the more common benefits shared either after one session or after a few sessions of Yoni Steaming are:


Feel relaxed

Felt so warm, loving and  nurtured 

Experienced an emotional release out of the body

Better sleeps – slept better than they have in a long time

Increased Yoni nectar (clear nectar)

Experienced heightened libido/arousal & sexual Sensation with partner

Heightened fertility - was more fertile

Decreased PMS Symptoms - less to no cramping during menstruation

Decrease of Water Retention 

Experience overall emotional balance

Vaginal canal  feels more Tighter and lifted – experienced uterine and/or bladder prolapse

Softens internal Scar tissue or completely disappeared

Helps with prevention and treatment of in grown hairs

Promoting healing after childbirth

Increases energy and reduces fatigue

Increased circulation, which also helps your skin to look beautiful

Yoni steaming brings a sense of warmth, nourishment, and vitality to your womb.  It can be used to assist in reducing physical ailments such as menstrual pain and imbalances, and supports bringing back into balance irregular menstrual cycles, fertility and reproductive issues.

The Contraindications

Like with everything, unfortunately there are specific times when it is advisable to NOT steam, they are:

  1. During fresh period (menses) or any fresh spotting – steaming as this time can cause the bleeding to get heavier.

  2. During Pregnancy – Steam opens the cervix; this can result in a miscarriage.  During pregnancy, the cervix is to stay shut, nice and tight to keep the baby safe, the next time when the cervix opens is when the baby is ready to come out.

  3. If you are trying to fall pregnant, specifically from ovulation to the end of the month - approximately the last 2 weeks of your moon (menstrual) cycle.  The steam could possibly clean out the sperm, open the cervix resulting in possible early miscarriage, bring on early bleeding.

  4. If you experience spontaneous or heavy bleeding (or 2 periods per month, bleeding at random times – flood or heavy bleeding or interim bleeding, bleeding between periods or second period, Abnormal Uterine Bleeding) in the past 3 months.  The steam can induce bleeding very quickly in this situation.

  5. Infections, If there is a burning itch, it is advised not to steam, as an increase of heat in the area can increase the itch.

  6. If you have had a tubal ligation, steaming can assist in removing and dissolving scar tissue.  If you don’t want to fall pregnant and you want to try steaming then another type of birth control method may be needed.

  7. Implantation of birth control in the arm (Nexplanon), as steaming increases circulation and helps cleanse the womb, it will start to clear the thick mucus lining created by the Nexplanon which means it will increase your chances of falling pregnant.

Share  Wisdom & Insights


Creating a Sacred (dedicated) Space to perform Feminine Self-Care Rituals really feeds and nurtures your Soul, your Feminine Essence and Your Body.

When we choose to honour our womb, our soul by creating a dedicated space both in our physical and ethereal environment, we are saying Yes to ourselves again, Yes to self-love, nurturing, kindness, compassion with and for ourselves.  We are consciously choosing to nurture our own needs, the needs of our womb and listening to her powerful wisdom.

You will learn different beautiful ways you can create your own sacred space and different nourishing self-care rituals that will support you in truly loving yourself and being there for yourself whenever you need and desire to.

Group Energy Healing Practice


Energy Healing is a Gentle, Natural, and Powerful modality that works on an Energetic Level to Heal, Cleanse, Clear and Balance all Stagnant, Blocked and Clouded Energies.

All things manifest or show up in our energetic field before it materialises into matter (the physical form).  When we work from this premise, we are now working on the underlying cause of what we are experiencing in our lives rather then focusing on the symptom or waiting until it shows up in our physical bodies.  Energy Healing is a Gentle, Natural, and Powerful modality that works on an Energetic Level to Heal, Cleanse, Clear and Balance all Stagnant, Blocked and Clouded Energies.

You will experience a group energy healing where you will be gently guided into deep relaxation and journey through your womb where you will have the opportunity to reside in the black velvet spaciousness of your womb centre where you can receive powerful messages, insights and healing. 

Pink Blossom

What you Get  to Take Home With You:

  • 1x Yoni Steam Spa

  • 1x Portable Heating Element

  • 1x Steaming Pot

  • 5x custom blended Herb satchels – Universal and gentle in nature

  • 1x Small Sacred Ritual Kit

  • 1x Recorded Audio Journey into your womb

  • 1x Personalised Steam Plan

  • 1x Booklet containing information on:

    • The Womb and the 8 Sacred Gateways in the Yoni & Womb

    • Your reproductive system, how to Steam, the frequency of steaming, history of steaming, it benefits and when is it okay to steam.

    • Menstruation – what is it all about?  How you can really connect and honour your blood.

    • How to create a sacred space

    • Self-Care Practices


**The photo is a visual representation of what you will be receiving - the colour of the vinyl may differ to the photo & the items you receive in the sacred ritual kit may also be different.

Limited Spots available - small group gathering only

24th October 2020

10:00am - 3:00pm

Minchinbury neighbourhood centre hall

The Benefits of Awaken Your Feminine Essence Gathering

  • You connect to your Yoni & Womb in a more conscious way, to establish a relationship with her.

  • Reconnect to the depths of your Soul and your Soul’s path.

  • Surrendering and Opening to the Softness of your Feminine energy.

  • Deepening your relationship with yourself – bringing your inner Feminine and Masculine into Union.

  • Learning to listen to your own inner wisdom and intuition, trusting the intelligence of your womb.

  • Start to heal and open your receptivity to sensuality, sexuality, your pleasure centre.

  • Begin to deepen your intimate relationship with your partner.

  • Start to recognise what you have been holding onto in your womb for such a long time, ready to release to allow new creations to materialise/manifest.

  • Learn how you can recognise and heal your feminine shadow and your masculine shadow that resides within to bring yourself back into union.

  • Learn how you can heal your Menstrual cycle and attune to the rhythms of the Moon.

Who is this Gathering For?  It is for you if:

  • You understand and are ready to go on a inward journey to remove the veils that are blocking your remembering.

  • You desire to Awaken and Connect to the sacred wisdom of your womb.

  • You desire to heal your Yoni & Womb from Feminine Wounding’s that have manifested into physical ailments.

  • You are ready to reconnect to Mother Earth and to stay grounded.

  • You are ready to heal the imbalances with your inner Feminine & Masculine essences.

  • You desire to connect with your soul and your souls’ path on a deeper level.

  • You desire to step into and embrace your feminine power.

  • You are ready to embrace your natural sensuality and sexuality in a confident way.

  • You are open minded and ready to experience something new.

  • You are ready to heal and connect to your womb in a much more conscious way.

Join Me in This Powerful Feminine Gathering

My Name is Melinda Langford, Soul Empowerment Coach, Energy Healer, Womb Awakening and Yoni Steam Facilitator and I am here to support you to connect to and manifest your souls path, heal old wounds and reclaim your feminine sovereignty/power in this world.  

During the Gathering, a Sacred Space will be held for you to deeply connect to your Womb so you can heal your yoni & womb and  awaken your Feminine Essence.

Are you being called to step into your Feminine Essence?

If this sounds like something you would very much like to experience or you are being called to this type of work, then I invite you to claim your seat in this powerful sacred feminine space.

Limited Spots available - small group gathering only

24th October 2020

10:00am - 3:00pm

Minchinbury neighbourhood centre hall

Special Discount Offer Closes on

23rd September 2020


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Gathering is held at Minchinbury Neighbourhood Centre Hall
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Yoni Steaming

What if I’m menstruating when I attend the event?

You will still benefit the energies from the group and participate in the connecting to your womb ritual but you will not be able to actually experience the steam.  You will still be able to take your own steaming kit home and steam when there is no more fresh blood.  You will be able to put to practice what you learnt during the event.

Are there any Negative Side Effects with Yoni Steaming?

Steaming with just water, there has been no known negative side effects.  If a proper steam plan is administered with herbs by a certified Yoni Steaming Facilitator, then usually there are no negative side effects that is if all information has been provided honestly with your known knowledge at the time, if a side effect does occur it is a matter of adjusting the plan.

Will Steaming work for me if I have had a hysterectomy?

Yes, most certainly, you still have the energetic component even though the physical part has been removed?  Steaming enters the bloodstream as well so you will receive the benefit to other areas.


Yoga Poses

How are the Yoga Poses performed?

The poses are all performed lying down on your back.  A matt and bolster will be provided.  If you are looking for extra comfort you may want to bring your own cushion for your head.

What if I have a pre-existing injury and can’t perform the poses

The poses are gentle in nature, we can adjust the pose to suit your comfort level or if that is still not an option you can still benefit from the guided journey component.


Energy Healing

Are there any adverse side effects or symptoms once I receive the energy healing?

Energy will be channelled into your body and will be facilitated by your Higher Self on where you will best benefit from it and/or what areas needs to receive the energy. 

After the healing you may feel tired, experience vivid dreams, feel emotions re-surfacing to be released or dealt with, become more emotional in general, have a light headache.  Your relationships, work and life in general may be affected during this period especially if there are aspects within them that need to Change, Clear or Heal.

All the symptoms mentioned above are normal and part of a healing and integration process which usually takes from 1 day to up to 21 days.


Refund Policy

Due to the small number of participants attending, once payment has been received and your spot has been reserved there is no refund option.  You will still receive all the items as part of the gathering, it will be either posted to you or you can collect later.  The other option is transferring to the next scheduled gathering.


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