Awaken Your Senses, Step into the World of mystery, the Unknown & Come Alive Once More.

Dare to travel through the inner sanctums of your being, open your heart and take a leap of faith.


​​This course is for you if you are seeking

Emotional, Mental Empowerment & Spiritual Ascension



So often our beings are closed and wounded, we have placed so many shackles over them in order to protect ourselves.

The mere nature of this action blocks the very flow that nourishes, supports and guides us through life.

When you learn to navigate yourself back to your true essence of who you really are, opens you up to:

Feeling safe in the world,

Experiencing passion & joy in your life,

Expressing yourself truthfully with confidence, compassion and clarity,

The freedom to create what your heart truly desires.


Just like a lotus flower that rises up above the deep dark trenches and blossoms open into its full glory. 


Emanating out your true gifts, talents and dreams into the world while being aligned with the essence of who you are, your true self, living your life just as you were born to.

















The long awaited journey of rekindling the connection to your soul & spirit is waiting for you, waiting for you to reconnect back, waiting for you to just say YES.

Imagine what it would be like to be deeply entwined with your soul essence, your purpose & living your life as it was intended.


Saying YES to your soul, to your spirit, to you, is the moment your life changes. 


What are you saying YES to?   You are saying YES to:








Are you willing to listen to your intuition, your instinct, your heart and take the leap of faith  and say YES?


   This course is for you if.  .  .  .


Energy Work or Energy Healing appeals to you

and you would like to learn the foundations & practice Energy Healing on yourself and others (optional).

You are passionate about your personal & spiritual development

and would like to learn how you can heal your body, mind & spirit, expand your awareness or level of consciousness and develop your higher senses and more.

You are feeling stuck, confused, scattered in your daily life

and you would like to learn how you can become more in alignment with your purpose and have direction.

You are lacking boundaries for yourself

and you would like to learn how to create healthy energetic and physical boundaries to sustain your energy levels.

​↬ You struggle with your Emotions & tend to be reactive a lot of the time

and you would like to learn & practice how to achieve emotional & mental empowerment in your life by healing old wounds, thought patterns, the blocks that are standing in your way.

You have a strong desire to know who you really are

and you want to know thy self, and seek wisdom, guidance and understanding of it all.

You want to manifest what your heart truly desires

and you want to learn the foundations to create a life you truly desire.




​​When like minded people come together, the energy that is produced among everyone during a course is very powerful.


Be  ready to immerse yourself through the labyrinth of your being in a step by step process to reconnect you back to the true essence of who you are? 

Ultimately Leading To Ascension!

In this course you will .  .  .

Psychological & Physiological Component

✓  Learn & practice how to feel safe in your own body and the environment around you.

✓  Learn how to be present with your body and tune into what your body is communicating to you. 

✓  Learn how to recognise, understand, accept & integrate your emotions & thoughts on a continual basis.

✓  Learn how to understand your own self talk – and learn how to communicate from a place of true authenticity.

✓  Learn how to communicate in a way that you will be heard and respected.

✓  Heal and release your emotional wounding around your inner child.

✓  Learn & be supported how to connect with and embrace your inner shadow.

✓  Explore your values and beliefs.

✓  See where your resistance is showing up.

✓  Be supported to Let go of what is no longer serving you.

✓  Learn to start focusing on what you want to feel, think and see.

✓  Create healthy energetic and psychological boundaries for yourself.

✓  Learn how to start living a purpose filled life with joy.

✓  Learn and practice daily energy healing techniques to allow for integration that will support, nurture and protect you through this journey and beyond.


Energy Work Component

Learn about Chakras & how it links to lower & higher consciousness

Learn & practice clearing & releasing energetic blockages & repressed emotions & more

Learn how to protect your energy (so that you are not affected by other people’s energy, especially important for the empaths - Highly Sensitive People)

Learn how to cut energetic cords (with relationships that drain your energy from the past or present)

Learn grounding techniques (being ‘earthed’ helps you to stay balanced and make better decisions)

Learn how to clear negative entities that is not yours

Learn & practice self-healing techniques (different for each level)

Learn how you can heal others (optional)

✓ Learn how you can heal food, water, pets, plants, & the earth

Learn how to Strengthen & utilise your Higher Senses: Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Claircognizance

You will start to change your perspective on what is possible, explore your own mind, let go of fears and restrictions. 


This course will help put you on the track of starting to manifest the life you truly desire.

​The Support you will receive is . .

12 Week Remote Course

13x 2hour Weekly Sessions - in a group setting

3x Ashati Energy Activation's throughout the course that will activate dormant codes within your imprint and work with your energetic structure

Guided Meditations

Intention Mapping Template

Manuals & Workbooks for the sessions
Tools, Techniques & Exercises to support you in developing your psychological, physiological and energetic work during the course and beyond.

3x Ashati Energy Healing Certificates (one per level)

Access to the facebook group to get access to further ongoing support & teachings

​↬ Unlimited Email Support for the duration of the course

Copy of my Ebook - How to Transcend your Inner Shadow

Ashati Full Manuals from and be initiated into the Ashati Online Community Forum, certifications and online access to many videos, meditations, tools and resources

Plus Bonuses

6 months complimentary participation in a high vibe Circle, with like minded souls coming together to meditate, participate in development activities and experience group healing which is facilitated remotely on a monthly basis (valued at $120.00)

2x90min 1-1 Private Coaching Session (valued at $314.00)

To commit up to 1 hour everyday to perform the practices and exercises provided through out the course.

Show up to the weekly classes

Enjoy yourself and just relax into the safe energetic space that has been created for you.

What is asked of you. . .


Come alive, breath into that space that has been long forgotten, allow it to breath, give it life.








What You can Expect from Me . . .

Create and hold a sacred space for you to open up and share your inner most reality.

Supporting, guiding and encouraging you to explore all aspects of yourself, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually

Intuitively work in the moment in regard to whatever your intention is at the time.

Support you to tap into the deep, raw, hidden, where nobody likes to go, uncensored aspects of yourself.  This is where to true growth lies.

Ensure your well-being during the session.

Support you to let go of old stories, old patterns, woundings, any limitation in general.

Help you open and connect to vast new possibilities, as well as become crystal clear on what your heart desires, and find your inner happiness

Stretch you gently outside your comfort zone.

Melinda Langford founder of Harmony & Flow Within

 Are you Ready to take the Next step forward together....

Embark on this journey to experience Emotional, Mental Empowerment & Spiritual awakening by letting go of what's not serving you and move closer to your true essence, your divine self and do what it is that you were meant to do?

​I am here to support you all the way!

Awaken Your Senses & Ignite Your Soul Course


Initial Payment $200.00AUD


3xmontly installments of $177.00AUD


Course is conducted Remotely Via Zoom on a weekly basis for 12 weeks with an additional Introductory session including intention setting.  Starts on the 31 August 2019 & then on the 1 September for first official class, then every week on a Sunday scheduled from 10.00am - 12.00pm Sydney Time.
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