Yoni Steaming Herbal Blends

The Yoni (vaginal) Steam Herb Blends are all designed to help support a healthy Moon (menstruation) Cycle & Overall Womb Vitality. 

All of the herbs are mixed into formulas.  Each formula has specific herbal properties designed to clear stagnation from the uterus, improve yoni (vaginal) flora, increase blood circulation and regulate the moon (menstrual) cycle. 


Each blend also has specific herbs based on the type of moon (menstrual) cycle imbalance or side effects a cycle may be experiencing.

What  Herbal Blends are on Offer 

I have Six different Herbal blends on offer to suit different personal situations.  If your situation doesn't best fit any of the herbal blends, that's quite okay as it can be tailored to you.

Yoni Steaming herbal blends cover.jpg

To make sure you are selecting the most compatible herbal blend for your current situation, it is highly recommended you complete an intake questionnaire before you decide on any blend.

Ingredients Inside each Blend

It's good to be aware if you have any plant allergies, each blend below lists the ingredients of what is inside.

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