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Sacred Womb Circle

A Monthly In-Person Gathering

We might come across times when we find it challenging to create the space and stillness that is required for us to give attention to our inner world. 


Maybe we are seeking  to be more confident in our feminine power, to have the courage to truly feel our deepest truth, and to have love, kindness and compassion for ourselves.   This is definitely a journey, which requires us to look deeply within.  This is a journey into our awakening.  We are remembering how to gently peel back the layers that no longer align with who we truly are.  

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This circle inspires us to be in union with ourselves, to explore our womb space, connect with our breath and consciously move energy.  Through this practice we come back to our own centre, our inner wisdom. 

A Space for self Healing to Awaken & Embody Our Feminine Power

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The circle has been created to be relevant to your needs.  Exercises, practices, rituals, and wisdom sharing will be presented organically  as I am guided to work intuitively.


The practices that you will have the opportunity to embody are:

1. Dancing - Including Womb Dancing, Chakra Dancing, 4 Elements Dancing.  This  is intuitive movement.  Therefore, there is no structure,  just energetic free flow to awaken and embody your sensuality, sexuality, and inner passion.

2. Yoga Poses & Energy Exercises, including Qi Gong - Although I am not a yoga teacher, I have trained with a personal yoga trainer for 8 months and have adapted it to what I found to be very effective for me.  I am in the process of completing my QI Gong Teacher certification.  It is my pleasure to simply share with your the practices that have assisted me so far in my own journey.

3. Body Movements - working with Qi Gong & womb awakening principals and practices to help support you to bring more vitality into your life, by moving your energetic flow. 

4. Group Energy Healing - experience gentle yet powerful Ashati energies which will assist you tclear and rebalance emotional blockages, change limiting perspectives and beliefs, and expand your awareness.  This is an opportunity to explore your mind and to move forward.

5. Grief Rituals - clear out old wounds and stories that no longer serve you.

6. Guided Meditations/Visualisations - strengthening your connection to your womb, your inner world, the spirit world.  Connect with all aspects of yourself - Emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically and spiritually.

7. Breath Work & Sound Healing - working with Qi Gong and Womb Awakening principals & practices to help support you to increase your energy, feel your energy  (chi), clear and rebalance yourself.

1. If you are ready to go on an inward journey to remove the veils that are blocking your intuition.


2. If you desire to Awaken and connect to the sacred wisdom of your womb.


3. If you desire to heal your Yoni & Womb from feminine wounds that have manifested into physical ailments.


4. If you are ready to reconnect to Mother Earth and to remain grounded.


5. If you feel ready to heal the imbalances with your inner feminine & masculine essences.


6. If you desire to connect with your soul and your path on a deeper level.


7. If you desire to step into and embrace your deepest feminine power.


8. If you are ready to embrace your natural sensuality and sexuality in a confident way.


9. If you are open minded and ready to experience something new.

You Will Benefit from this Sacred Circle:

Come & Join a Beautiful group of Women who are embarking on their own Personal Journeys'

Limited PLACES available - small group gathering only

23rd OCT 2021
10:00am - 1:00pm

Are you being called to Awaken your Feminine Power?

The Duration of each circle will generally be 2-3 hours.


I have provided bolsters and mats.  However, for extra personal comfort you are welcome to bring along a cushion for your knees or head,


You might also like to bring a water bottle.


Morning Tea & refreshments will be provided.

Join Sacred Womb Circle

Cost:  $20.00 

Gathering is held at Ropes Crossing Community Hub
By providing my information, I hereby consent that I have read, understood, and agree to Terms & Conditions , Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer (located at the footer of the website).

Yoga Poses & QI Gong Practices


What if I have a pre-existing injury and can’t perform the poses

The poses are gentle in nature, we can adjust the pose to suit your comfort level or if that is not an option you can still benefit from the guided journey component.

Are the Qi Gong Practices strenuous in Nature?

Qi Gong is about learning to connect with your energy body through flowing body movements.  There is an initial activation and warm up to assist to awaken and move stagnant energy residing in your body. The practice is not strenuous in nature. Your participate at your own level of pace and movement.


Energy Healing

Are there any adverse side effects or symptoms once I receive Energy Healing?

Energy will be channelled into your body and will be facilitated by your higher self regarding how you will best benefit from the flow.

After the healing you may feel tired, have a slight headache, experience vivid dreams, feel emotions re-surfacing which need to be released or dealt with, and become more emotional in general.   Your relationships, work and life in general may be affected during a short period, especially if there are aspects within that need to change, clear or heal.

All the symptoms mentioned above are normal and part of a healing and integration process which usually takes from 1 day to up to 21 days.


Refund Policy

Due to the small number of participants attending, once payment has been received and your place has been reserved there is no refund available.  However, a transfer is possible depending on the circumstances.  If the provider has to cancel the event due to any unforeseen  circumstances, a refund will be provided or transferred to the next scheduled gathering. 

Have any Questions?


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