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Pelvic Presence

Tip:  Best to do this practice daily for 2 weeks for any possible healing to occur.

This practice has been designed to help you connect with your sacred womb space, to become familiar with all her rhythms, sensations, and subtleties. 

The guided audio will support you to go on a journey inwards and when prompted to perform the bodywork practices as well. 

Further explanation and guidance has been provided to help you to know what yogic poses to hold during each body movement and what it looks like.

Welcome any thoughts, memories, feelings, both physical and emotional, visualisations that may come up.  Allow yourself to be like a witness to what you are seeing, feeling or thinking.  You may want to write down or journal any insights or 'aha's' you may have received afterwards.

NOTE:  If you notice you are going to sleep, acknowledge brain for protecting you and let brain know that it doesn't require any protecting in this moment, that you are safe and you want to stay awake. 

You may have experience strong physical feelings/emotions during the embodiment practice.   Please be mindful that the feelings need to be felt in a gentle way so they can start to release.  They may not totally disappear during the embodiment practice.  Some feelings/emotions take a little longer as there is something there you may still need to learn from.  It will eventually dissolve if you practice being open, receptive, surrendered & allow the process.


Energetic & Physical Cleansing &
Protection Rituals

We are constantly emanating out and magnetising different types of energy, whether positive or negative ones. For a lot of people this occurs on an unconscious level. Every person we come into contact with, even if it’s for a very short period of time, energy is exchanged, felt or taken on by the other person.

We are all responsible for our own well-being and part of that is to master our own energy and power. There will be times where you will experience Spiritual Initiations, Power Plays, Negative People or Situations.

When we focus on cleansing and protection rituals all energy bodies are being affected. Therefore, incorporating some kind of energetic and physical cleansing & protection rituals on a daily basis is to support your well being (emotional, mental, physical & spiritual bodies) at optimal level (keeping your energy centres clear, flowing, balanced so you are centred within yourself and not being influenced)

I have provided a small list of different energetic rituals that I have been shown by my many teachers over the years, none of this is my own work, it is all ancient wisdom being past down.  I offer them for you to try out and learn which one’s best work for you preferably on a daily basis.

If you can’t achieve a daily ritual at this stage, that is ok, you will integrate a process that best suits you. It is not necessary to have all the mentioned techniques below in your daily practice. However, sometimes different rituals will be suited for certain situations. I have used all these myself and still do depending on what is needed at the time.


Healing, Purification & Self Care Rituals

The following rituals will support you during any deep Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual purification you may be experiencing.

Remember what you are experiencing is temporary, it will not last, it is part of the clearing, healing & change process.   

Connecting with your inner guidance is a very good practice to strengthen your intuitive abilities with your higher self.

You may receive insight or messages from your inner child or your womb to see what kind of support you need during a purification process. I have provided a reference document of a culmination of practices and rituals that has been shared by my many teachers and what I have come to use, to help support you.

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