Yoni Steaming

Love for Your Yoni & Womb

Yoni  (Vaginal) Steaming is an ancient practice that is used globally to support the natural healing, nurturing and nourishment of the most Sacred Feminine aspects of our physical body - which is our Womb.

Whati is Yoni Steaming?

The term Yoni is Sanskrit for female genitals, womb, source, origin.  In Indian tradition, it is known to be regarded and honoured as the embodiment of divine female energy (power) and depicted as a Hindu goddess known as Shakti.  Yoni has also acquired cosmic meanings like, universal womb, source of all life/creation and matrix of creation.

The Divine Female Energy - Shakti representing the energy, power, life force of creation (creativity) is known to be more as an expression of the universe rather than the ego.


Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming is an effective and beneficial healing, nurturing and self-care modality. 


I would be honoured to introduce you to Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming.  You may have heard of it and even tried it; imagine including this beautiful healing ritual as part of your self-care practice?

This ancient practice has supported woman and men through may cultures and continues to do so around the world today. 


It is non-invasive and works with the wisdom of plant medicine in aid to nurture, nourish and heal your most sacred feminine aspect of your physical body, your yoni (vagina) and womb.

The herbal steam with its medicinal properties aid to increase blood circulation to assist in healing stagnation, clots and cramping during your moon cycle (period).  It stimulates the lymph system, encourages detoxification and dissipates excess mucus.  It may also assist in healing womb ailments such as endometriosis, fertility concerns, fibroids, and postpartum contractions.

This practice supports the physical wellbeing of your entire reproductive system which includes your uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, yoni and cervix.  It also supports healing the emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetical aspects.  In addition, the practice assists in restoring your physical and energetic womb space back to her original richness and vitality. 

Having a Deeper Understanding of our Womb Space and How to Support & Care for her, is  for Every Woman.

Remembering  the Ancient Knowledge

The sacred knowledge of our womb power has been forgotten.  To discover our feminine essence again means to go within ourselves and hear the very root of our creator, Mother Earth/Gaia.  The womb is a sacred place of innocence, creativity, sexuality, sensuality, wisdom, and power. 

In our modern-day society, many of us have become disconnected from our feminine essence.  We have strongly connected to our minds instead.  Once we remember how to tune into our body, our heart, our sacred feminine and Mother Earth/Gaia, we can lovingly pass the knowledge onto our daughters. 

With the planet going through such major shifts we are being invited or called to re-anchor the feminine consciousness back onto the planet so that balance between the masculine and feminine is restored.   

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The Womb is a very powerful Gateway into other Dimensions. It's a pathway to remembering the true Essence of Who We Are.  It’s Awakening the Feminine Consciousness and our Feminine Sovereignty.  It’s birthing our Creative Power & inviting us to Reconnect to the intelligence of Earth & Cosmos.

Why is Yoni  Steaming So Important?

The womb is linked to our emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies and when there are any imbalances showing up in any of these aspects, it will show up in our physical body as symptoms, ailments or dis-ease.  Specifically, in the womb space, it might present as cramping, old residue, clots, cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, PMS symptoms, fertility issues and other ailments.  It is important to journey within, to work on any underlying suppressed or repressed emotions and the old stories. 

It is a journey that can be supported, there is no need to do it alone.  Having the help of a guided journey that will gently introduce a deeper connection to your womb and the healing process.


Practices that have unconsciously been adopted overtime, might also hinder a healthy womb release each month. For Example, one of these practices includes the use of tampons, a non-beneficial thing we might do.  The convenience of using tampons over pads is understandable due to our busy, socialised lives.  However, there are many reasons why we need to allow free flow during our menstruation.  


We are aiming to support a healthy womb release and a healing of the physical symptoms.  Our goal is to set clear intentions to heal and to experience a heightened sense of vitality.

Gaining knowledge of a non-invasive, all natural healing tool to support your womb through the process of enhancing your Sexuality, Sensuality, and Wisdom,  will assist your to reclaim your Feminine Sovereignty

The Benefits of Yoni Steaming 

Yoni steaming is very effective on its own and has been found by women throughout history and cultures to:

  • Be very relaxing

  • Be a very personal ritual of self-love

  • Be very supportive to letting go of and releasing old emotions that have been harboured

  • Improve sleeping patterns

  • Have increased yoni nectar (clear nectar)

  • Heighten their libido/arousal & sexual Sensation

  • Improve fertility

  • Decrease PMS Symptoms

  • Assist with the healing of haemorrhoids

  • Decrease Water Retention

  • Balance emotions

  • Firm and lift the vaginal canal

  • Assist the healing of uterine and/or bladder prolapse

  • Soften or erase scar tissue 

  • Relieve vaginal/yeast infections and support to maintain healthy odour.

  • Promote healing after childbirth

  • Increase energy and reduce fatigue

  • Increase circulation

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Other  Benefits

If you enjoy working from the body level  to bring more of an added benefit to your overall well-being, maybe you will choose to try a Integrative Womb/Hara Massage treatment, to accelerate  your healing process.  The Integrative womb/Hara Massage supports the clearing of blockages and stagnant energy that is held within the tissue of the body and helps to restore balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  This body work benefits all aspects of your being.


It also helps to address a range of different ailments such as pelvic pain, sexual trauma & abuse, menstrual pain and cycle related challenges, emotional issues, digestive issues, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, lower back pain, sciatica, organ prolapse, reproductive issues, fertility issues, anxiety, depression, energetic blockages, stress, pre & post-menopausal and many more.  There are further details about this particular body practice via this link: Integrative Womb/Hara Massage.

How Does Steaming Work

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Yoni Steaming consists of the medicinal properties and volatile oils from the steam of the herbal infused hot water being released  and carried to the surface of the skin, gently permeating the exceptionally porous and absorbent vaginal, cervical and uterine membranes.   


The process itself is simple.  The chair or box  on which you sit has an opening in the top portion.  A hot steam pot is carefully placed inside of the box, allowing for the steam to rise.   Once the temperature is right, you gently sit down for a period of time while you allow the soft steam to assist your healing process.


Most women choose to drape themselves in a sarong or wear a long full skirt to create a tent-like effect to capture the full benefit of the medicinal steam.  Add soft music or guided meditation to the practice to fully connect with and nourish your yoni.  

It Can Be A Complete Nourishing Journey 

When experiencing a Yoni Steam, I like to take people on a sacred inner journey.  The initial part of the journey helps you to connect to Mother Earth, Cosmos and your womb.  Supporting to soften and relax into the yoni steaming experience.


During yoni steaming, a process of allowing yourself to melt into it and open to the rich nourishing and nurturing healing process is taking place.

After yoni steaming, while you are resting, I like to support people through a guided womb garden meditation.  I was introduced and experienced this, during my training with "the institute of feminine arts".  I introduce you to the elements of nature within your womb.  What each element represents, and explore how their influences might be currently playing out within your womb.   

We finish the journey with a soft and gentle foot massage, supporting to re-ground back into your body and back into the present moment. 

All supplies and tools are available here

I blend the herbal mixes, which are based on formulas that contain healing, toning and aromatic properties.  The blends are 99.5% organic. On the rare occasion a herb may not be sourced organically.  All blends are mixed to support the well-being of your reproductive system.

You may choose to continue this practice at home.  Owning your own yoni steam box, is also possible and will ensure that you have an ongoing beautiful, nurturing and loving experience.  All of the steam boxes are all hand crafted by us.  You may need the right size pot to fit perfectly into the box.  We can also assist you with the correct heating source.

On setting up your environment in such a way that supports you to truly connect with your yoni, you might choose to include one of my sacred ritual kits

Yoni Steaming is a Nurturing, Self-Care Ritual supporting Full Nourishment of the Entire Reproductive System.


Yoni Steaming Herbal Blends

The Yoni (vaginal) Steam Herb Blends are designed to help support a healthy Cycle & Overall Womb Vitality. 

herbs 2.jpg

The herbs are mixed into formulas.  Each formula has specific herbal properties designed to clear stagnation from the uterus, improve yoni (vaginal) flora, increase blood circulation and regulate the moon (menstrual) cycle. 


Each blend also has specific herbs to support the type of moon (menstrual) cycle imbalance you may be experiencing.

Herbal Blends For You

I provide Seven different remedies to suit each unique situation.  I work with you personally and gauge your situation.  I then tailor the right blend to your individual needs. 

When creating a herbal mix and ensuring your experience is relaxing and enjoyable, it is helpful to know if you experience any known plant allergies.  This can be added while completing the intake form.

A list of ingredients in each blend I create is provided on the back of each packaging.

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Filling in an intake form  prior to your visit is essential for the right blend being created.  You are welcome to fill this in by yourself, or with me, via phone.  

The Contraindications

Yoni Steaming is Safe & Effective, However there are specific times when you should NOT Yoni Steam, they are: 

  • During fresh period (menses) or any fresh spotting – as this may cause the bleeding to become heavier.

  • During Pregnancy – Steam opens the cervix, this can result in miscarriage.  During pregnancy, the cervix is to remain shut, to keep the baby safe. The next time when the cervix opens is when the baby is ready to birth.

  • If you are trying to fall pregnant, specifically from ovulation to the end of the month - approximately the last 2 weeks of your moon (menstrual) cycle.  The steam could possibly clean out the sperm, open the cervix resulting in possible early miscarriage, or induce premature bleeding.

  • If you experience spontaneous or heavy bleeding (or two periods per month, bleeding at random times, Flooding -  interim bleeding, bleeding between periods or abnormal uterine Bleeding over the past 3 months.  The steam can induce further bleeding very quickly in these occurrences.

  • Infections - If there is a burning itch, it is advised not to steam, as an increase of heat in the area can worsen the itch.  However there are herbs that will support the healing of inflammation and infection.

  • If you have had a tubal ligation - steaming can assist in removing and dissolving scar tissue.  If you don’t want to fall pregnant and you want to try steaming then another type of birth control method may be required.

  • Implantation of birth control via the intravenous (Nexplanon) - steaming increases circulation and helps to clear the womb.  It will clear the thick mucus lining created by the Nexplanon, which means it will increase your chances of falling pregnant.

This is truly a Beautiful Healing Journey

Schedule Your Yoni Steaming Journey

A single session is approximately 90mins.  The initial session is the longest as it includes consultation.

[Includes:   Guided Meditation to soften & relax, yoni steaming experience, guided womb garden meditation, gentle foot massage].

Single Session Cost: $100.00 

4 Sessions Cost: $352.00  - Payment plan available upon request

By scheduling your yoni steaming appointment you agree that you have read over the  contraindications (when it's not a good idea to have this treatment) and have answered No to each one or have contacted me initially.

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