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Yoni Steaming & Womb Healing

Are there any side effects when Yoni Steaming?  Some side effects are:

  • You may experience a headache , if so make sure you are kept hydrated and may need to reduce the length of time on the steamer.

  • May have a reaction to the herbs - an allergy to certain herbs - this is checked before herbs are supplied.

  • You may experience aching feet - just need to reduce to the length of the steam session.

  • You should never steam during pregnancy unless to support labour.  A miscarriage is possible if you steam during pregnancy as it is designed to increase circulation and clear out from the uterus and yoni area.

  • You may experience dry cramping after steaming - Might be a sign that some old residue has loosened up and the uterus is trying to remove it by contracting.

  • Urge to urinate - The steam is gently penetrating the urethra, this is normal to experience the sensation, its important to go to the toilet before a steam.

  • You may experience little loose bowel motions and can experience cramping in the lower abdominal bowel.  A cleansing process is taking place, may need to look at lessen the herbs or reduce length of steam.

  • You may experience an emotional release  after or during steaming, this is ok and is normal.

  • You may experience arousal of libido and sexual stimulation  - this is normal and not a bad thing.

  • Increase in period clots - you may see on your next cycle more clots, this is good, it is removing the stagnation and old residue within the womb.


How long is the yoni steaming side of things?

It depends on your individual period analysis on what steam plan will be suggested for you.

Do I have to have my own steaming kit?

Not necessarily, you can steam here at the healing space.  Depending on what steam plan has been established, your availability of time might be a concern though.  If you choose to get you started at home immediately, all you will need is a pot (specific for yoni steaming only) and the tailored herbs from your steam plan.  An affordable start is either utilising your toilet by placing the pot inside during your yoni steam experience at home or placing it on the ground and kneeling over it - further instructions are provided to ensure care is taken to not burn yourself.  Alternatively we do offer all you need to get set up at home.

When is steaming ok?

  • With a IUD

  • Hot flashes, hot flushes, night sweats

  • Infections: yeast infections, herpes and bacteria infections

  • While using birth control

  • Open sores:  The steam works like a disinfectant

  • If you have had a hysterectomy

  • If you are experiencing fibroids

  • If you are experiencing cysts

  • If you are experiencing HPV

  • If you have any bumps, lumps and haemorrhoids

  • If you have a Nuva Ring - but will need to remove it before steaming as mit may affect the amount of hormones released into the body.

What if I am Pregnant can I steam at all?

Once you know you are pregnant the only time it is okay to steam is getting ready for labour.  There are alot of benefits steaming in preparation for labour.  The time when you shouldn't steam at all is if you know you are experiencing Placenta Previa - the placenta is to close to the cervix.  It would be best to receive a consultation to see what is best for your individual needs.

How soon can I steam after I have given birth?

If you have a natural labour then usually 2 days after giving birth or when the blood starts to slow right down.  If you have had a caesarean then usually it is best to wait approximately 6 weeks due to the stitches and discomfort associated with a C-Section while it is healing. It would be best to receive a consultation to see what is best for your individual needs.

What If I have experienced a miscarriage, can I steam?

The short answer is yes, It would be advisable that you work with the practitioner to help you through this process and they can work closely with you and tailor your healing journey to best suit your needs.

Can I steam if I have had surgery Gynaecological related surgery?

Yes it is most definitely possible to steam after these types of surgery.  It will most definitely support the healing process.  There is a waiting period that is required before steaming depending on the type of surgery that has been performed.  Best to speak to a Yoni Steaming practitioner before hand.  The types of surgery that steaming will support are:

  1. Laparoscopy Surgery

  2. C-Section

  3. Episiotomy

  4. Tubal Sterilisation

  5. Hysterectomy

  6. Myomectomy

  7. Endometriosis - Laparoscope or Ablation

Will steaming help to improve my sex life?

Yes - steaming is designed to improve your sex drive & libido, enhance orgasms and female ejaculation, and relieve any discomfort during sex.  Talk to a yoni steam practitioner on how yoni steaming can support you.

Refund Policy

Once payment has been received there is no refund option available.  If you need to cancel, you can reschedule to another date and time, please provide at least 2 days notice for cancellations and reschedules.  If the provider has to cancel the session due to any unforeseen circumstances, a refund will be provided or a transfer to the next scheduled session. 

When should I NOT Yoni Steam? - it is contraindicated when:

  • During fresh period (menses) or any fresh spotting – as this may cause the bleeding to become heavier.

  • During Pregnancy – Steam opens the cervix, this can result in miscarriage.  During pregnancy, the cervix is to remain shut, to keep the baby safe. The next time when the cervix opens is when the baby is ready to birth.

  • If you are trying to fall pregnant, specifically from ovulation to the end of the month - approximately the last 2 weeks of your moon (menstrual) cycle.  The steam could possibly clean out the sperm, open the cervix resulting in possible early miscarriage, or induce premature bleeding.

  • If you experience spontaneous or heavy bleeding (or two periods per month, bleeding at random times, Flooding -  interim bleeding, bleeding between periods or abnormal uterine Bleeding over the past 3 months.  The steam can induce further bleeding very quickly in these occurrences.

  • Infections - If there is a burning itch, it is advised not to steam, as an increase of heat in the area can worsen the itch.  However there are herbs that will support the healing of inflammation and infection.

  • If you have had a tubal ligation - steaming can assist in removing and dissolving scar tissue.  If you don’t want to fall pregnant and you want to try steaming then another type of birth control method may be required.

  • Implantation of birth control via the intravenous (Nexplanon) - steaming increases circulation and helps to clear the womb.  It will clear the thick mucus lining created by the Nexplanon, which means it will increase your chances of falling pregnant.

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