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You can heal old wounds, clear blockages and awaken your feminine power?

We connect for at least 30 minute in a heart to heart chat exploring where you are currently at, where you want to be and what blocks are currently in your way.  We explore what will best support you and how you can work to heal and clear the blocks that are preventing you from awakening and stepping into your true Feminine Power.  

Melinda Langford founder of Harmony & Flow Within

My Name is Melinda Langford, Soul Empowerment Coach, Energy Healer, Womb Awakening & Yoni Steam Facilitator.
I am here to support you to connect to and manifest your souls path, heal old wounds and reclaim your feminine sovereignty/power in this world.  
I am very passionate about the work I do.  I would love to help and support you through your own process along your journey.  With effective tools, techniques and wisdom I have personally gained and used along the way. I am committed to my continual journey  growth and up levelling my skills and knowledge, to better support you.

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