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Transference Healing®

‘Transference Healing ® instils hope, light and faith in the Universe. It enhances spiritual awakening and our embodiment of Christ Consciousness. Through it we can return to a state of oneness with the God/Godess.’   Alexis Cartwright

Why Choose Transference Healing®?


In todays rapidly changing world, Earth's frequencies are changing all around us.  Our own individual structures are changing in accordance with the Earth changes, assisting our ascension process.  This now requires a different way of transitioning with the changes both in and around us. 


As we move through this evolutionary process we have the opportunity to advance our self healing process, come more into alignment with our higher self,  open our hearts and make the shift into higher levels of consciousness. 


By working with Transference Healing® the universal resources necessary will be channelled into your body to facilitate a divinely-orchestrated healing – one that is specific to your own enlightenment process.

What is Transference Healing®?


Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency-healing and ascension modality that is multidimensional, comprehensive and advanced. It works with the resources of frequency, light and matter (elements) to initiate and support ‘transference’; a shift from one state of being into another. This is pure alchemy.

Transference Healing® is a self-healing tool that seeks to empower you to work with the very depths of your human anatomy, consciousness and spiritual being. It unifies ancient healing traditions with unique lightbody (electromagnetic) healing procedures channelled by Alexis Cartwright, creating an intricate and profoundly effective form of healing that is vital to the evolutionary expansion the human body, consciousness and planet are undergoing at this time.

Receiving regular Transference Healing® sessions, or learning to perform them yourself, enables you to achieve and sustain a consistent level of health and wellness, while also connecting you to the complexity of your divine and inner nature. It’s a healing of hope, light and love, enhancing spiritual awakening and a reconnection to and through the Cosmic Christ, so you can return to a state of oneness with the omniverse and the God/Goddess.

Transference Healing® Works with the Lightbody


Alexis Cartwright teaches us in her book 'Beyond Doorways - The Mysteries Revealed', all humans have a lightbody.  The lightbody is a higher evolutionary vehicle (advanced technology) through which we ascend.  We are all undergoing the necessary alchemical changes so we can embody this technology and integrate the lightbody.

We are all at different stages in the process, however when we have fully integrated the lightbody we will have evolved into the christbody and consciousness.

By raising the frequency of the body and transmuting matter into light, Transference Healing® supports you to integrate with your lightbody, raise your consciousness and live a multidimensional reality.


‘Enlightenment is not just a state of mind; it is a state of being.’ Alexis Cartwright.

How Can Transference Healing® Benefit You?

  • You are sick, feeling unwell or just not 100%

  • You want to shift an aspect of your current reality

  • You seek health, balance, happiness, peace and fulfilment.

  • Are seeking to spiritually evolve and ascend


Transference Healing® does not diagnose a condition by analyzing the symptoms of disease. It looks deep within the etheric patterning of the body and reads it with psychic perception. By tapping into these inner dimensions of your body and consciousness, I will gain insight into your healing and ascension journey, offering spiritual counseling where needed. I am then able to channel the universal resources necessary to facilitate a divinely-orchestrated healing – one that is specific to your own enlightenment process.

Transference Healing® supports healing, personal growth and spiritual empowerment.


Transference Healing® is suitable for:

  • all ages,

  • conditions,

  • illnesses,

  • properties & homes,

  • pets,

  • Small businesses,

  • family unit,

  • relationships

  • careers

  • projects

  • situations or circumstances

Energy Healing Sessions Available



Experience the  powerful effects of a 7th dimensional frequency healing, including lightbody integration.



If you have never experienced energy healing or transference healing this is a good introduction to experience  the magic of this energy.



LEVEL 1 & 2

This healing involves level 1 and experience a healing from the Lemurian & Atlantic dimensions and experience a gridding pracitce.  




If you are drawn to card reading and the shamanic nature of the animal kingdom, experience a reading of their incredible magic.



This is a great way to help the family if you are experiencing dynamics playing out in the home or you want to clear genetic patterning as a family.



If you are drawn to crystals and their frequencies and prefer to work with natural therapeutic essences to heal physical symptoms, this is a good introduction to experiencing  the energies.



If you are drawn to alchemy and understand how alchemy works, then this healing session is perfect for you to experience.



Experience a combination of magic of both the Healing with Alchemy & Beyond Doorways Level 1 frequencies, optimising the bodies healing potential.  

Healing Tools Utilised in Transference healing or Energy Healing Include:

  • Colour and sound waves.

  • Crystal and vibrational Lightbody Kit essences.

  • The elements (earth, air, fire, water, ether).

  • Electromagnetic and magnetic frequencies.

  • Alchemy, alchemy symbols and planetary energies.

  • Templates, Masters and Rays

  • Crystal frequencies, platonic solids, skulls and wands.

  • Shamanic healing.

  • Stellar, cosmic and interdimensional frequencies.

  • Gridding procedures.

  • Lemurian and Atlantean technologies.

  • Lightbody and Merkabah technology.

  • Mystery School teachings.

Want to learn more about how Melinda can support you working with Transference Healing®.

Transference Healing® has benefited thousands of people globally

Melinda is a registered certified Practitioner & Teacher, available for one-on-one sessions, absentee healings & facilitate fundamentals training session.

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Transference Certicate- Advanced IMG-4187.JPG
Transference  Certificate- Teacher IMG-4188.JPG

This practice is independently owned and operated by (Harmony & Flow Within) under a license from Transference Healing® Pty Ltd – ACN 121 645 047.

Transference Healing Products

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