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Balancing the Inner Feminine & Masculine Energies

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

We all hold within us the inner feminine and masculine principles. I am not referring to gender specific. Rather it is an energy force or principles that is an expression through us. Within each force or principle we hold certain attributes that we have either cultivated or are yet to cultivate or embody within us.

The more we understand how our own inner feminine and masculine operates within us we can start to see how we currently view the world through these two lenses or aspects and what attributes we are learning to cultivate within ourselves.

My Experience working with the Inner Feminine & Masculine Energies or Principle

Over the last 5years or so, one of my main focuses with my soul healing journey has been working at balancing my own inner feminine and masculine energies. Growing up, I chose to playout most of my childhood and adulthood for that matter, in my masculine energy, mostly for protective reasons. This was all I knew at the time.

Through this particular journey I have learnt and gained so many insights into my own reality. It has helped me to realise how I have seen, thought, felt, and perceived my world through each of these lenses. I have seen and experienced these inner forces conflicting with each other. Other times I would fluctuate hanging out in each of the energies at different times in my life. Mostly though it has been my masculine. As I lean in more and more to each principle or energy, I continue to heal them both at varying degrees.

The transformation work I do, focuses a lot on the purification process. You can then imagine just how much I equally hang out in my lower consciousness, in the shadow realm so I can purify. The more I purify the more I raise my level of consciousness, bring the inner feminine and masculine more into a state of balance and anchor more light into my body.

I still continue to work on my inner feminine & masculine principles or energies & probably will do so for the rest of my life. What I have seen is that it works in a spiral affect, where I thought something had been resolved, shows up again. I realised it is just a deeper layer of the same patterning I am working with, going deeper into the core of the disharmony that was created.

With that in mind, I would like to share with you some of my inner vulnerabilities that I have uncovered along my journey so far. This journey has taught me many things one of which, it is best to be truly honest with myself and somewhere along the way, I have even softened in judging myself, learning to be kind and expressing unconditional acceptance for all of me.

So far some of the things I have learnt and felt what my inner feminine has been holding onto is:

  • disempowerment,

  • betrayal,

  • deep grief,

  • loneliness,

  • complete disheartenment,

  • loss of all faith in myself,

  • completely given up.

  • Not wanting to be in a woman's body for many reasons.

This list is by no means is an exhaustive one. I have been on the journey of healing layers of each of these.

Some of the things I have learnt along the way and felt what my inner masculine has been holding onto is:

  • The need to dominate, control, over power others - lots of abuse of my own power

  • The need to attack

  • Arrogance - superiority

  • Hatred, anger, bitterness, frustration, blame - aggressiveness

  • A lot of Judgement

  • Coldness, tough, rough and hard

  • Need to be Strong to block all emotions

  • Confusion of what it means to be a man

  • Deep Grief of not being strong enough as a man

It is interesting to note as I share some of my insights, I notice I am reflecting with emotions with my feminine energies and I am reflecting more on the mental plane with my masculine energies. I also believe the ego sits within or influences the masculine energies.

I have learnt feeling emotions and become aware of our thoughts and perceptions at a body level (through the heart) is the key component to balancing the inner feminine and masculine energies. Feeling our emotions is the key to everything really.

The Feminine & Masculine Energies and the Law of Duality (polarity)

Our inner feminine and masculine aspects are opposites of the same thing. Both aspects are individual and unique yet make the whole. You can't have one without the other. Each aspect expresses its own attributes and when they come together, they fit like a glove. Rather then competing with each other, they celebrate, honour, respect and appreciate their own uniqueness and they join in union.

I see this as learning to balance the law of duality, instead of seeing things as separate, but rather everything is one but expressed in opposites. For example light & dark.

Some attributes of the Feminine Energy/Principle

I have listed below some of the attributes that I am aware of, that we have the opportunity to embody within ourselves. They are things like:

  1. Going into stillness

  2. Receptivity

  3. Openness

  4. Reflection or Introspection

  5. Feeling emotions

  6. Creativity

  7. Intuition

  8. Inner Knowing, Inner guidance system, Inner voice

  9. Empowerment

  10. Love

  11. Psychic abilities - clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance

Some of the Attributes of the Masculine Energy/Principle

When we are working with the masculine energies some of the attributes we are learning to embody more within ourselves are things like:

  1. Taking necessary action

  2. Vulnerability

  3. Surrendering - letting go of the protection barriers we have created

  4. Trust

  5. Divine Will instead of ego will

  6. Intellect-knowledge

  7. Integrity

  8. Faith

Some tools that can support the balancing of the Feminine & Masculine Energies/Principles

There are lots of different modalities that can support you to balance the feminine and masculine energies. Some of these modalities are more physical in nature and others are more of a journey within. I have found for myself I work with a combination of both physical tools and metaphysical (journeying within) tools. I have listed some of these below that I use for myself, maybe they might be helpful for you.

Some things you might like to try in working with the inner feminine & Masculine energies are:

  1. Working with crystals - I like to use Shiva Lingams the most for this.

  2. Yoga - Yin Yoga where you hold the pose for lengthier times. I use this frequently as I use it to tune into the physical body and feel the tension releasing, sometime I will journey in a little deeper to see what I am holding onto, and feel the emotions that are coming to the surface. Truth be told I normally ball my eyes out, but I know it is releasing out of the body.

  3. Guided Visualisations/meditations -this helps guide you into your body to connect with the left and right sides of your body.

  4. Somatic Journeying - this practice supports a little deeper connection, relaxing the mind into a theta state, which can support connecting to the subconscious mind. This is ultimately what we are trying to achieve so you can learn what has been influencing us from your subconscious, bringing it up to our conscious awareness to be cleared. You are supporting a soul healing process.

  5. Energy & Frequency Healing - this modality channels energy and frequency into your body, deep into your patterning at a DNA and cellular level. It supports the shift of the patterning . This works with your entire being, not just limited to the inner feminine and masculine energies/principles.

How you can connect with your own Inner Feminine & Masculine Energies

To work or connect with your inner feminine energies, it resides within the left side of the body and connecting with your inner Masculine energies, it resides within the right side of the body.

A little practice you might like to try in becoming aware of your own inner feminine & masculine.

  • Go into stillness and tune in or become aware of the left side of your body slowly,

  • Notice what you feel physically initially, then see if you can lean in a little deeper and go beyond the physical,

  • Go into deeper stillness within the heart while also being aware of the left side of your body, now see if you can tune into the emotion behind the sensation and just feel it.

  • Now tune into the right side of your body,

  • Notice what you feel physically initially, then see if you can lean in a little deeper and go beyond the physical,

  • Go into deeper stillness within the heart while also being aware of the right side of your body, now see if you can tune into the emotion behind the sensation and just feel it.

If you feel called to this type of work and would like to work with your own inner feminine and masculine energies with the help of someone, please schedule a Free 30min Heart to Heart Chat to learn how I can support you through this process.

Love and Blessings


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