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Garnet – Is a powerfully energising and regenerating stone.  It cleanses and reenergises the chakras.  It revitalises, purifies, and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion in as appropriate.  Garnet is also known to inspire love and devotion.  It balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony.


Psychologically – It can sharpen your perception of yourself and other people.  It helps to dissolve ingrained behavioural patterns that no longer serve you.


Mentally – It supports you to let go of unwanted, old or outdated ideas.

Emotionally – It supports to remove any inhibitions and opens us the heart and promotes self-confidence.


Smoky Quartz – Is very good grounding, anchoring and at the same time helps to raise vibrations especially during meditation.  Smoky Quartz is very good at blocking geopathic stress, absorbing electromagnetic smog and helps with eliminating and detoxing on all levels.


Psychologically – helps to relieve fear, lifts depression and brings emotional calmness.  It aids in acceptance and cleanses the base chakra so passion can flow naturally.  When it comes in contact with negative emotions, it will gently dissolve them.


Mentally – It promotes positive and pragmatic thought.  It dissolves contradictions and promotes concentration and supports alleviating any communication difficulties.


References: The encyclopedia of crystals & The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall


Diameter Length:    5cm (measured internal diameter of bracelet)

Bead Size:                 Garnet- 8mm

                                       Smoky Quartz - 10mm

Charm:                        Tree of Life

Woman's Garnet & Smoky Quartz Stretch Bracelet

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