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Keeping a Clear & High Vibrational Space

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

The importance of making sure your space is clear & high vibrational

When we think of our personal space we tend to think just of the physical environment around us. While this is equally important, when we learn to expand our awareness to include the unseen realm, we start to include all the subtle energies of our space.

As we know everything is created from & is energy, frequency, light, sound etc. Matter as we experience it, can be identified as universal elements vibrating at a much lower frequency. So when I refer to your space, it is not limited, it can be you and all your subtle bodies, it can be your house, work environment, the vehicle you drive, outdoor areas, anything really that you associate with.

Those of us who may be a little more sensitive to energy you may even feel when your space is heavy, or cluttered, you may feel tied, or even feel or sense if there is tension within you and in the air.

Looking at your physical space with a different lens

For a moment, I would like to invite you to try out a little exercise to open yourself to experiencing energy. I would like to share a process that I help some of my clients with to experience the energetic aspect of themselves.

  1. So if you close your eyes and start to go into stillness, bringing your mind down into your heart space, take a few deep breaths in and release it out through the mouth,

  2. Once you have allowed yourself to relax and let go somewhat, set the intent to see, or sense yourself looking through frequency goggles, open yourself up to this,

  3. Set the intent now to expand yourself energetically and you may start to feel in your body a buzzing, or tingling feeling,

  4. You are now feeling your own life force,

  5. Now open to include the energy in your surroundings just by setting the intent to do so.

NOTE: The key is to remain in your heart as you expand to allow yourself to open to feeling, seeing or sensing energy.

Everything carries a vibration, a resonance, a frequency. So how does your environment feel from an energy or frequency perspective? This may take a little practice to tune into to, especially if you are not use to seeing your reality from this perspective.

I personally am not the hording type, anybody who knows me, knows I like to have most things in its place as I can feel the busyness that is going on energetically, it feels very cluttered, for me I even find it hard to concentrate when there is a lot of clutter around, for example like my office space area, it can be a little challenging to clearly focus on one thing when there is so much else going on.

If you are not attuned to your energy body, then you may not even know what I am talking about, or you may believe, everything seems normal to you and that is totally ok.

The relevance of this is to bring to your attention everything you perceive is energy and it can pick up or take on lower vibrational frequencies.

Learning how negative emotions, negative thoughts & perceptions impact your space

I want to divert your attention for a moment. Let us now focus on you and your subtle bodies, and what do I mean when I refer to subtle bodies? To me it is the emotional body or plane, mental body or plane, the spiritual body or plane. These bodies exist on another realm, you cant see them, but you do this still experience them. It is energy taking form or expression into our physical experience.

So with all that in mind, it is really important to become aware of the way we are using our own energy as well. How it effects our own internal space and the space around us. We all generate negative emotions, thoughts and perceptions. When we express or project these negative emotions out onto others or even if we are alone and want to release anger, or frustration out, we are basically polluting the environment or space within us and around us energetically.

I have learnt from my own personal experience this negative energy or low vibration tends to linger around in the space. It like a dark blob of energy and if it lingers long enough it will grow legs (so to speak) and then attach itself to something that is of similar or of the same vibration. This could be a person, a project, a situation or an object.

You may have experienced this yourself or witnessed someone else switching moods, or acting out all of a sudden. This can be because a negative energy is lingering around and influencing or triggering the same low vibration inside of ourselves.

Another way you may experience this is you could be walking down a street and all of a sudden you feel low or something is not right. Possibly an altercation may have taken place before hand in the area, and the negative energies you are feeling are still lingering around and you have walked through it. Now if you are not aware that this is happening, what tends to occur for instance you may start to feel or think differently all of a sudden. You probably begin to personally identify to what you are feeling or experiencing. As a result you take it on and try and deal with it, perhaps try and squash it, push it down or away or you start to be consumed by it.

I share this because a lot more is going on in our reality then what we care to want to know sometimes. By being aware of these things helps us to make more empowering choices.

To add to this the world is changing, so must we

We are also at a great time of change universally, globally and in humanity. We have moved from a 3rd dimensional reality to a 5th dimensional one. As a result one of the things that is occurring, we are all starting to awaken. With this 5th dimensional reality and all the changes that are occurring with this, it is wise to also be aware all of humanity is purifying the lower vibrational energies. Everybody is experiencing there own purification process, clearing their own lower vibrations. When we all go out and interact with others, it is important to create rituals to clear our own energies to help keep our personal space clear, both within and around us.

It is our own responsibility to be aware when we feel, release or express a more negative emotion, thought or perception to clear this up pretty quickly, to not leave it lingering around.

If you feel a low energy that you feel is not yours the same principle applies, we can still clear it up so it doesn't impact our own system.

How we can keep a clear and high vibrational space

There are a number of tools and techniques that I have adopted and use frequently to keep my own personal space (my being) and the space around me clear and as high vibrational as I can. It is intuitive on which tools and techniques I use depending on what I need at the time.

The main environments I focus on, is my home, my healing space (work) and course myself. To be honest sometimes I do lax in keeping myself disciplined when it comes to keeping my home constantly clear with all my rituals. However , given the nature of the work I do, I am more disciplined with my healing space and on myself. I really do feel it when things start to build up energetically.

I am happy to share the tools and techniques that I have used myself and still continue to do so. You may already be aware of some of these and that is great. I suppose this is a reminder for us all on how important and beneficial it is to continue these practices or rituals frequently. Sometimes it is necessary to be performed multiple times in a day depending on what it is happening. So here they are:

Physical clean of the house, including clearing out any spider webs.

Keeping the space de cluttered.

Salt is a very good absorber, my naturopath put me onto this a very long time ago. Just place some rock salt onto a plate or bowl and place it around your space, this is a very natural way of absorbing lower vibrational energies. It normally lasts for about 2-3months before you need to change it for fresh new stuff. Humidity can affect the salt as it will absorb the moisture as well, you will need to replace it sooner.

Rock salt lamps are also effective - I have one in every room of my house and in my healing space.

Placing crystals around your house, especially the ones that will infuse higher frequencies into your space and crystals that will support the clearing of negative energies as well.

Smudging is something I like to use a lot of, I use white Sage, sometimes Yerba Santa and Palo Santo to clear, cleanse the energies throughout the whole house and my healing space. I also do carry these in stock.

Burning resin raises the vibration of the space. There are all sorts of resins you can experiment with to find out what works for you. To burn resin does require charcoal disks, some loose rock salt to place on the bottom of the bowl, a high heat resistant bowl, a lighter and tongs to avoid getting charcoal all over your fingers. I do carry these in stock.

I like to work with sound as well to shift the energy of the room, I use singing bowls/sound bowls for this. I like to do this after a physical cleaning of the house. I don't use this one all the time, when I get a intuitive hit to I will.

I also work with colour, I like to use white light to also clear the space. You can visualise it coming down or going up. I found the main thing is your intent. I intend to clear the space to a higher vibration.

I make aromatherapy sprays that I use from time to time to support emotional & physiological wellbeing for myself and for my client. Some of my clients like this a lot. I do carry these in stock.

Transference Healing offer great purification sprays which I do stock. They are great to use to purify the space around you. These are programmed by the founder and channel of Transference Healing - Alexis Cartwright.

I am a registered practitioner and teacher for Transference Healing and I work with energy & frequency healing a lot. This really supports me to stay balanced. I uses certain techniques everyday on myself to help bring me back into balance when I am out at the shops, visiting friends or family, anywhere. I do carry this book in stock if you want to learn some of these techniques yourself or you can experience a energy and frequency healing session for yourself.

Having a shower is so beneficial, water is a cleanser, especially supports emotional cleansing. I love and do have a shower at the end of the day just before I go to bed, cleansing and clearing what I have picked up during the day, feeling refreshed, calmer, balanced.

Candles are very good for purifying the space, it works with the fire element to purify. It is also very good at creating a calming environment. I like to utilise these especially when I am feeling and clearing alot.

I hope you found this post beneficial with learning the importance of keeping all our spaces clear and keep raising our vibration to support overall balance within and around us.

Love and blessings


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