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The Beauty in Staying Grounded.

Updated: Jan 23

Sharing my experience with grounding

Staying grounding seems so simple yet can be the most challenging thing to achieve. I know I have had my fair share in being ungrounded and not even realising it.

I didn’t become aware of the concept of being grounded until later in life, this would've been in my mid to late 30s. Knowing it was a conscious practice of grounding, I realised I was trying to do it all through the mind. I soon learnt that didn’t work, it was more like I was convincing and forcing myself to ground. After some time had passed, I worked out it had to be achieved at a body level practice.

I would ground down connect with mother earth but that was short lived. I would shortly become ungrounded again.

So when an event would play out in my life I tended to lean more into the world of the mind (that still happens to this day, not as frequently though), I would respond or react from a mind perspective only. I had come to learn I held onto several distorted perceptions, wounds, and/or memories that was contributing to me experiencing time and time again of staying ungrounded.

I realised I was too afraid to either feel, see or hear what was occurring around me and in an instant, become ungrounded (basically jump ship and leave my body).

Astrology has also been a very effective tool to learn more about myself

I have also recently been learning about astrology and learning more about my natal chart and have realised that I don’t have a lot of earth element in my chart. Basically, this means it helps me to better understand why it has been such a challenge for me to stay grounded most of my life. It doesn’t mean that I can’t, it means this is something I need to work on more consciously and consistently to really embody being grounded.

From my perspective it confirms what my natural tendencies are and points out where my limitations, blocks, wounds that I am holding onto are - where my growth is.

After trying different things over the years, I couldn’t work out what part or aspect of myself was ungrounded. I have since come to realise the part that seems to leave is at a soul level. It is my soul that jumps out.


Learning to stay grounded has its benefits

When we stay grounded within ourselves, some things you will start to notice is:

  1. Having more awareness of the body, the body can feel heavier (like gravity pulling you down)

  2. Are fully present in the now.

  3. Tend to experience the world more through the sensors – your subtle sensory perception of Feel, see, hear, taste, smell.

  4. Our heart opens more.

  5. Have more clarity in each moment.

  6. Quicker to get more centred and balanced.

  7. Have a more conscious connection with mother earth and her elements and kingdoms


Working with earth’s changes

Now that the earth has shifted out of a 3rd dimensional reality into a 5th dimensional reality, this has created a lot of change in the world and in our bodies on so many levels. The earth is constantly shifting, this shift also has an impact on if we are staying grounded.

It starts off with constant checking in with yourself to see if you are grounded or not. Once you become familiar with the feeling of being fully grounded in your body and present then it becomes like second nature. It evolves into being part of your peripheral awareness of yourself, it becomes your new norm of checking in quickly.

Grounding in to Mother Earth

Staying Grounded not only means to be grounded in the body but also connected to mother earth and her elements. The body heals, revitalises and rejuvenates through mother earth and the elements. When we are grounded in the body and open to connect to and feel mother earths energies, frequencies and elements, healing & physical rejuvenation begins. To me this is why it is so beneficial and important spending time out in nature.


Are you Grounded?

Some signs that you are ungrounded.

  1. Flighty and Scattered thinking.

  2. Certain parts of your body you are not aware of – can’t actually feel, you know its there but can you really feel your internal world, the internal sensations going on.

  3. Feel like your head is in the clouds constantly.

  4. Can’t feel your body until it is really screaming out.

  5. Constantly hanging out in the mind & being driven by the mind only.

  6. Not present in the now, not utilising your sensors to the fullest capacity.


Some ways that are used to support us to be grounded:


The use of certain crystals have specific properties that support you to ground more into your body some examples are: Smoky Quartz, Tourmaline, Obsidian, Jasper, Garnet, Hematite, Tigers Eye.


We use food to support us in many ways and one of them can support to ground us, like root vegetables like carrot, potato, sweet potato, beets or roots like ginger and turmeric – they all have deep roots into the earth.

Being in Nature

Putting your feet on the grass, earth, hugging a tree, being in the ocean, are some examples of connecting with and grounding into mother earth.

Energy Procedures

Some energy healing practices use grounding procedures, here you are working on the etheric plane to support a deeper grounding back into your body and into mother earth.

Guided Meditations/visualisations/embodiment practices

There are plenty of guided visualisation/mediation practices available on YouTube to guide you through grounding yourself into mother earth, they usually don’t take very long to do for yourself.


Grounding Exercise

The practice I have chosen to share below I have shared with my clients and use on myself all the time and is very effective and quick.

An exercise to practice staying Grounded

  1. Start by closing your eyes and taking in a few deep breaths.

  2. Set the intent to see yourself as frequency, energy, you are nothing but pure energy or frequency.

  3. Notice what that feels like, you may experience it as a buzzing feeling, tingling or even warmth (it is different for each person).

  4. Notice if you feel the frequency in all parts of your body – starting from your feet and work yours way up the body until you reach the head.

  5. Notice what parts you could feel the buzzing or tingling sensations and where you couldn’t.

  6. Now set the intent or more like start a conversation with your soul – we are going to ask your soul to come back into your body (ie: you say in your mind's eye something like “beloved soul it is safe to come back into the body, I want to be grounded and present in my body, you are safe, you will not be hurt, it is safe to come back in”).

  7. Repeat this as many times you need to, feel the sincerity as you speak to your soul.

  8. Now pay attention to see if you notice your soul coming back down into your body from the top of your crown, you will feel more heavier in your body, you may even feel aches and pains – this means you are now grounded back into your body.

If you are finding it hard to maintain a level of being grounded, there just might be blocks or wounds around feeling safe. If you feel called to explore further and gain clarity and healing to become more grounded, receiving energy/frequency healing and/or soul healing will benefit you.

Love and blessings


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