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The Lady Nada Purification Mist creates an energetic connection to the vibration of Ascended Master Lady Nada, who holds the feminine ray of Christ. This unique combination of essential oils supports you to receive a divine connection to her and her healing presence. This mist assists you to release painful feelings so you can open deeper chambers of the heart. It heals your emotions, shifting you into a higher vibration and consciousness.


Its aromatic qualities include vanilla, which manifested in Alexis’s drinking water during a divine connection she made to Lady Nada in 2003, while in Ireland. The channelling that occurred at the time revealed Transference Healing procedures orchestrated by the heart, along with information regarding the changing vibration of water and crystal (which Lady Nada is orchestrating through the planet’s deepening connection to the Elemental and Angelic Kingdoms). This mist facilitates a unique connection to these kingdoms, purifying and shifting you and your reality into higher frequencies in support of wellness and the creation of your desired reality.

When sprayed, this beautiful aroma will create a sense of purity, tranquillity and serenity. It eases the karma of relationships and restores faith, while simultaneously connecting you to the grace of Lady Nada.



Essential oils of Vanilla, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Jasmine, Rose and Gardenia, with a Rosewater base.

Size: 100ml

Directions: Shake well before use

Lady Nada Purification Spray

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