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Black Tourmaline – Cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration.  Black tourmaline protects against cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attack, and negative energies of all kinds. It grounds energy and increases physical vitality, dispersing tension & stress.  It clears negative thoughts & encourages a positive attitude.


Psychologically – Tourmaline is a powerful mental healer; it balances the left & right hemispheres of the brain & transmutes negative thought patterns into positive ones.


Reference: The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall


Black Lava – Its known for its grounding properties with its deep connection to Mother Earth.  It is also good for calming the emotions.  It is considered to be a stone of rebirth & shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment.




Length:          24.5cm (measurement from the clasp to the bottom – the diameter)

Bead Size:   Tourmaline – 8mm; Lava – 10mm & 12mm

Men's Black Tourmaline & Lava Necklace

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