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A cauldron also known as an incense burner is designed to handle burning resin on top of a charcoal disc on a bed of sand or rock salt.


There are many different types of incense or resin burners and different materials used.  Each burner is used for different purposes. For example, copper and steel incense burners are frequently used by religious ceremonies. For yoga and meditation purposes, clay and glass incense burners are very popular.



Design:                Tree Of Life

Dimensions:      11cm x 8cm (internal measurement of the cauldron)

                               14cm x 9.5cm (external measurement of the cauldron).

Cauldron-Tree of Life

Excluding GST
  • Set a charcoal tablet (may want to use tongs as it is messy) on a bed of rock salt or sand into a cauldron or a flame proof container. 

    Using tongs light the charcoal tablet from the underside until you see the crackling and glow appear, then place it down.  Once you start to see the tablet producing smoke, then place the resin incense on the top (may want to use the tongs or a spoon and carefully place it down onto the disc without touching it as it is HOT.

    You may choose to move around your environment to clear your space or place it down and enjoy the ritual of the incense burning.