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The kit includes 1 x Hem Resin, 1 x Cauldron, 1 x Charcoal Disc Pack, and 1 x Tongs.



Copal – Copal has a powerful scent that purifies the energy in your space.  It helps to strengthen the auric body, by removing all energy blockages making it a useful tool for meditation.


Myrrh – Fortify and revitalise your mood with Myrrh resin and to purify your environment and promote healing.  You can use Myrrh in your prayers and meditation to promote inspirational and emotional insight.


Damar – Damar resin is specially processed using the finest quality hard wood tree.  Damar has an antiviral property which fights with harmful viruses and provides fresh air.  It is useful to combat feeling of sadness, depression and melancholy.


Frankincense –Frankincense creates an enchanting atmosphere that helps enhance meditations, reduce stress, tension and uplift one spiritually.


Cauldron - A cauldron also known as an incense burner is designed to handle burning resin on top of a charcoal disc on a bed of sand or rock salt.


Charcoal Disc - Three Kings’ Quick Light charcoal is disc-shaped.  The disc (also known as tablet or tab), ignites quickly and are easy to use.


Tongs - The Charcoal discs are quite messy, to help keep the finger free of charcoal, these tongs come in very handy to pull out of the packet and to hold the charcoal disc while igniting it


Resin Cleansing Kit