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Single Soul Healing Session

"To go beyond the duality of life, one must embrace the totality of life as one''  Melinda Langford

Experience Deeper Clarity and Healing with Aspects of Yourself

Our thoughts, feelings, perceptions we create, the belief systems that we develop, plays a huge role in our over all well being. Impacting our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of ourselves.  While these distorted, negative thoughts, feelings, limitations, fears and perceptions are being left unmet, they are creating disharmony in our mind, body, soul & spirit.

Every soul healing session gently nurtures you back into balance & harmony.  The sessions guide you  to connect with your divinity (higher self), your inner light.  It realigns you to heart based consciousness,  which allows your heart to open more feeling a deeper sense of unconditional love.


As you heal the distortions within your patterning, you start to unlock hidden gems within you that are waiting to be discovered and unleashed so you can start creating a whole new reality for your self.


Some common themes that are explored during a soul healing session are:

  • Expansion on the way you see your current reality.

  • Breath Work techniques.

  • Learning about your inner masculine & inner feminine principles.

  • Inner child healing.

  • Womb healing.

  • Past life healing that has carried through into this life time that is creating limitations.

  • Shadow Work.





You will be gently guided through a step by step process where new foundations are laid, new perspectives will be gained, and detachments from stories, thoughts and feelings are created.   

As we all heal in layers, and many of them, by combining a frequency healing modality like Transference Healing® with soul healing, you are embarking on a rapid and powerful healing journey.


This process requires more than one session to gently work through the layers. If you are drawn to this type of work,  I like to journey with people,  supporting their soul healing and transformation process through either a 13 week program  (Soul Healing & Empowerment) or a  26 week program (Soul Transformation).  

Walking you through the Healing or Purification Process

A single Soul Healing Session is best suited to you if:

  • You have been receiving Transference Healing® Sessions and seeking support with the purification process.

  • You have been moving through your healing journey and are seeking further support in clearing a block, or help and guidance to shift an aspect you have been working on.

  • You need help in seeing something that you have not been able to see for yourself yet.

  • You would like to experience journeying into the subconscious mind and how it can help you clear a block, a story that has been holding you back on your soul's journey.

  • You would like to further explore and journey through the lenses of your inner feminine and masculine energies.

  • You would like to connect with and explore your womb space on a deeper level. 

  • You are curious to see if this type of supportive transformational work is the right fit for you.

1-1 healing session schedule apt

​This healing session focuses on helping you to connect to your inner guidance, resolving and healing any old limitations, in support of raising your level of vibration.

What kind of Support you will receive:

  • 120 Minute Soul Healing Session.

  • Intuitive Counselling -Utilising a combination of universal principles, inner child work, inner shadow work, soul retrieval, deep pattern clearing, past life healing.

  • Experience a Somatic Journey or a Sub-Conscious Exploration to help you connect with and clear old memories/blocks that are holding you back.

  • Stretch your paradigm in aid of seeing things from a bigger perspective.

What you will be encouraged and supported to do:

  • Identify, feel and accept more of your emotions.

  • Connect to your inner guidance (soul/Higher Self).

  • Gain more self awareness.

  • Learn to reprogram the old stories (limiting beliefs).

What you will gain:

  • Some mindset skills to increase self awareness.

  • Tools & techniques to learn and use to stay in your centre, while you are releasing old stories.

  • Be more emotionally empowered.

  • Increase your courage, inner strength & self esteem.

  • Experience more inner peace, freedom from your internal pain.

Unlimited Access to Resource Library which includes:

RE-BALANCING  GUIDED MEDITATION - Meditation track supplied to help bring you back in to balance.

- Help track what situations and people trigger you through out your day/week, to assist further with your self exploration.

GROUNDING  GUIDED MEDITATION - Meditation track to help you to energetically ground back into your body.

CONNECTING INTO THE BODY, INNER FEMININE & MASCULINE ASPECTS OF SELF- GUIDED MEDITATION- Meditation track supplied for ongoing support outside of the healing session.

ENERGETIC & PHYSICAL CLEANSING & PROTECTION RITUALS- A variety of practices and exercises you can apply to maintain your own well-being.

HEALING, PURIFICATION & SELF CARE RITUALS- A variety of practices and exercises you can apply to maintain your own well-being.


When we connect with our soul and release what is no longer serving us,  we move closer to our true essence, our divine self and do what it is that we were meant to do?

​I am here to support you all the way.

Single Soul Healing Session

$200.00 AUD

Session is conducted via In-Person or Zoom Meeting
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