1-1 Soul Healing Session

During the healing session, I love to gently hold an energetic safe and nurturing container within the space we are in.  This is where you are fully supported to remember your innate knowing, awaken your feminine power, raise your frequency and re-align to your own path.  This all begins by courageously taking a journey into your inner world.  Here you will be gently supported to heal suppressed or repressed emotions, deep energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, thought patterns and karmic stories that maybe causing repeat patterns to play out in your life.   It can also help to bring to light the blockages that maybe holding us back on our soul's path.

A single Soul Healing Session is best suited  to you if:

  • You have already been consciously moving through your journey and are seeking support in clearing a block, or help and guidance to shift an aspect you have been working on.

  • You you need help in seeing something that you have not been able to see for yourself yet.

  • You would like to experience journeying into the subconscious mind and how it can help you clear a block, a story that has been holding you back on your soul's journey.

  • You are curious to see if this type of transformational work is the right fit for you.

In my experience I have come to learn we all work in layers.  For us to achieve a deeper healing result, usually more than one session is necessary to work through things.  I like to journey with people,  supporting their soul healing and transformation process through a 3 month program  (Soul Healing & Empowerment Coaching) or a  6 month program(Soul Transformation & Self Mastery).  

You Can Awaken Your Feminine Consciousness and Experience Powerful Shifts and Profound Insights.

This healing session focuses on resolving and healing any old wounds, connecting to your inner guidance and awakening your feminine power.

What kind of Support you will receive:

90 Minute 1-1 Private Soul Healing Session

Intuitive Coaching & Counselling -Utilising universal principles & other modalities I have studied

Experience either a Shamanic Journey through your womb space or a Sub-Conscious Exploration to help you connect with and clear old memories that are holding you back on your souls path

20 Minute Follow up call

What you will be encouraged and supported to do:

Identify, feel and accept more of your emotions

Connect to your inner guidance (soul/spirit)

Gain more self awareness of what your mind is saying

Learn to reprogram the old stories (limiting beliefs)

What you will gain:

Some mindset skills to increase self awareness

Tools & techniques to learn and use to stay in your centre, while you are releasing old stories

Be more emotionally empowered

Increase your courage, inner strength & self esteem

Experience more happiness and joy in your life

Bonuses you will also receive:

EMOTIONAL TRIGGER'S LOG - Help track what situations and people trigger you through out your day/week, to assist further with your self exploration.

RECORDED MEDITATION - Meditation track supplied for ongoing support outside of the healing session.

What You can Expect from Me

Holding a sacred and safe space for you.

 I am here to help you to be held more accountable.

I Intuitively work in the moment to whatever is being presented.

I respect your individuality, values, beliefs and autonomy.

Ensure your well-being during the session.

Stretch you gently outside your comfort zone.

Melinda Langford founder of Harmony & Flow Within

When we connect with our soul and release what is no longer serving us,  we move closer to our true essence, our divine self and do what it is that we were meant to do?

​I am here to support you all the way.

1-1 Soul Healing Session

$157.00 AUD


(includes: 90mins, Intuitive life Coaching & Counselling, Subconscious Exploration, Guided Meditation, 20min Follow up call)

Session is conducted via Zoom Meeting
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