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Healing With Alchemy + Beyond Doorways Level 1

‘Ascension occurs not only in consciousness, but also in body.’ Alexis Cartwright.

Experience a Healing with Alchemy Session  - With Meditation or Grid
Beyond Doorways Level 1 Healing Session

This healing session combines the magic of both the Healing with Alchemy & Beyond Doorways Level 1 frequencies, optimising the bodies healing potential.  

There are two ways you can receive a Healing with Alchemy session - this is a divined process (guided by your higher self):

  • Meditation - Dropping into a deeper state of relaxation while experiencing the healing of the symbols.

  • Grid - have the opportunity to experience a gridding practice and feel the infusion of energies along with healing process that is occurring at the time.  

Healing with Alchemy Session & Beyond Doorways Level 1 Healing Session

$200.00 AUD

What you will receive:

  • Single 120min healing session in-person or absentee/remotely,

  • Experience a mediation or Gridding (divined),

  • A reading on what was occurring during the healing session and how you are being supported.

  • A follow up email within 1 week of the healing session, if you need any extra support, clarity around your healing process.

Session or sessions are conducted either In- Person or Remotely
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