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Healing With Alchemy

‘Ascension occurs not only in consciousness, but also in body.’ Alexis Cartwright.

Experience a Healing with Alchemy Session
With Meditation or Grid

A Healing with Alchemy Session, whether it be the meditation or grid practice is a great opportunity to experience another aspect of Transference Healing® energies.    The session works with the latest Transference Healing® with Alchemy Set (available to purchase).  During the session, you will receive a powerful infusion of alchemical frequencies.  Allowing your etheric/physical body to energetically integrate each of divined symbols to be dispersed throughout the body and consciousness for an alchemical healing response within.

There are two ways you can receive a Healing with Alchemy session - this is a divined process (guided by your higher self):

  • Meditation - Dropping into a deeper state of relaxation while experiencing the healing of the symbols.

  • Grid - have the opportunity to experience a gridding practice and feel the infusion of energies along with healing process that is occurring at the time.