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Lightbody Kit Reading

"To go beyond the duality of life, one must embrace the totality of life as one'  Melinda Langford

Experience a Lightbody Kit Reading

Are you drawn to alternative healing practices, especially the use of crystals to support your physical healing?


This session offers you insight and guidance into the spiritual process your Higher Self is orchestrating at this time.

You will experience a mini healing that will support your physical healing process along with a combination essence specifically divined for you.  These essences have all been channelled and energetically programmed by Alexis Cartwright.

The essence works with specific frequencies of:

  • Crystals

  • Geometry

  • Colour

  • Sound

The healing powers and properties of this vibrational essence support your body and consciousness to integrate the transformational and alchemical healing properties of our earth and cosmos.

If you have a particular health concern (lightbody symptom) you would like to address, the essence can assist.  The combination essence does not affect other medications, it compliments it.

Support your healing journey with the support of a combination essence tailored to you.

Lightbody Symptoms

Alexis Cartwright shares in her book Beyond Doorways - The Mysteries Revealed, since 1999 we have all been anchoring in our lightbody, as a result we have all been impacted by lightbody symptoms. Alexis does not see it as dis-ease but lightbody symptoms.  Some of these symptoms can include but limited to:

  1. Dizziness, ringing in the ears and coordination imbalances,

  2. Immune and lymphatic system changes,

  3. Hypersensitivity

  4. Tingling in the arms, hands, legs and feet,

  5. Skin irritations,

  6. Intense fear of separation & loss,

  7. Intense dreams, odd sleeping patterns & night sweats,

  8. Visions of past lives,

  9. Fluctuating eyesight,

  10. Frightening & overwhelming emotions that require urgent understanding, grounding & balancing,

  11. Strange symptomatic pain, especially through the back and central vertebrae.

In order to keep a state of wellness and balance, it requires shifting the frequency of the body, clearing out the more denser frequency.  By receiving frequent Full Transference Healing sessions along with the essence will support to achieve this.  

Book a frequency healing session that's right for you

Lightbody Kit Reading Session

$70.00 AUD

What you will receive:

  • Single 30-45min healing session in-person or absentee/remotely,

  • Experience a small taste of Transference healing energies,

  • A reading on what is playing out in your current circumstances,

  • Receive a combination essence tailored for your needs.

  • A follow up email within 1 week of the healing session, if you need any extra support, clarity around your healing process.

Session or sessions are conducted either In- Person or Remotely
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