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Crystal Healing Kit

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  • There are lots of ways you can work with crystals in your life.  One simple way to use crystals as a healing modality is to place them on your body where your main energy centres (chakras) are located.  For this healing technique it is best being in a lying down position.

    You can do this little technique anytime you feel you need a little support.  I personally love doing this when I go to bed and place them on my body for approx. 10-20mins depending how I feel and what I need at the time.

    Step 1.  Selecting a crystal for each main chakra. 

    Below is a guide you may like to work with.  The primary focus for this ritual is selecting a crystal colour that is the same as the colour of the Chakra.


    Chakra to be placed on

    Breciated Jasper or any Red Crystal or Smoky Quartz or Hematite

    Place it on your base/root chakra (you can put it right on your yoni or between your legs on the floor or mattress)

    Carnelian or any Orange Crystal

    Place it on your womb area approx. 2” below your navel (sacral chakra)

    Citrine or any Yellow Crystal

    Place it on your Solar Plexus Chakra (where your diaphragm is)

    Adventurine or any Green or Pink Crystal

    Place it on your heart chakra (in the middle of your chest)

    Angelite or any Blue Crystal

    Place it on your throat chakra

    Amethyst or any purple Crystal

    Place it in the middle of your forehead

    Angel Aura or Clear Quartz

    Place it above your head – you can have it lying on the pillow right next to the crown of your head

    Step 2. Setting an intention for the crystals.

    Crystals are living organisms, and they can hear you, so it is important to set and intention or request the crystals collectively or address them individually on what you would like them to do.  What I understand crystals can either draw out energy from you and into the crystals or they can emanate out their healing qualities into us.

    For Example:  I ask the crystals to infuse their healing qualities into each of the energy centres they are on, thank you.  Or I ask “Crystals please activate your light technology into each of the energy centres you are placed on and bring them back into balance, thank you.

    Step 3.  Surrender to the healing process.

    Now just lye back, relax, allow yourself to be open and receptive to the subtle healing frequencies of the crystals.  Even if you can’t feel anything, don’t worry they are working for you.  You may like to play some meditation music, or go into a stillness. 

    It is an individual choice on how long to leave the crystals on each chakra.  It can be 5min up to 20mins or longer.  If you place them on you as you go to bed, then you may fall asleep with them still on you and this is totally okay.  The crystals will support you throughout the entire evening/

    Taking care of your crystals

    It’s very important to clear and cleanse the crystals frequently, especially if you are asking them to draw out negative energy within your energy centres, organs, meridians etc.

    The crystals love the natural elements.  You could place them under running cold water for a little while with the intention that the water is cleansing, clearing, and re-energising them, you could place on mother earth or under a full moon to cleanse and re-energise them.  Utilising the fire element, if you have sage, you could smudge the crystals or even out in the sun while on mother earth will also be effective.  Remembering it is the intent and how we care for them that makes all the difference.

    The crystals will automatically do what they are programmed to do if you like, also setting a clear request is helpful to them and you as it will focus working on that.

    Have fun with your crystals and try different things with them, whatever you feel called toward.