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Commonly used as a spiritual tool to purify your space and personal field from any negative frequencies.  It has also been said that Palo Santo can also attract positive energies simultaneously as it clears the negative energies.  It has a beautiful earthy woody aroma to it.



Quantity:          3 sticks per pack

Dimensions:    10cm in length each approximately

Palo Santo Stick

Excluding GST
  • Using a lighter to ignite the end of the stick (this may take a few seconds to light up). Once you see the flame appears, then blow it out so it will continue to smoulder producing the smoke. While the Palo Santo is smoking then you can move around your space, living environment or move it around your body – this is referred to as smudging.

    A suggested approach to enhance the smudging experience is to set an intent during this cleansing ritual. Some examples can be “I love the high vibrational space I am in’, ‘I love the high vibrational energies all around me’, ‘I love the pure clean energies in my space”. This will clear out any negative energies in your auric field.

    NOTE: To protect the ash or cinders falling onto furniture, it is safe practice to place a dish under it while you are smudging to collect it – for example an abalone dish.