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Are you being called to Reclaim the Divine Feminine Essence within you?


Are you feeling disconnected from Mother Earth and Yearn to reconnect with every aspect of her?

Are you experiencing blocks around your Sensuality, Sexuality, Creativity and Relationship?

Do you desire to bring your Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine back into harmony and balance?

Are you seeking to open your heart to the deepest of love, trust and Compassion?

Are you seeking Spiritual Ascension?

Embrace the labyrinth of the Sacred Space of your womb, to heal past wounds, traumas and blocks and reclaim your Divine Feminine Wisdom, Wildness, Creativity and Power.

You may also be feeling. . .


A lack of direction, stagnation, or confusion in your spiritual journey.

A deep sense of grief, anger, fear or hopelessness.

Your are highly sensitive and often feel overwhelmed, tired and in need of your own space.


You desire to let go of your personal baggage, blocks and wounds that has been wearing you down.

You deeply want to step into your divine power and step away from what you everyone else thinks you should be, do or have.

You want to discover what your true potential is and who you truly are

- step into your own Divine Feminine Greatness!

You are keen to look outside the box and step away from the conventional way of thinking and are looking for a new approach in your life.

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To explore together where you are at, what your womb desires for you right now, and identify what the next steps are for you and how I can help you.



My Name is Melinda Langford

 Soul Empowerment Life Coach /Energy Healer

I am here to help and support you in your spiritual journey to reclaim your feminine sovereignty by empowering your divine essence .

My Mission

To inspire & support those who are seeking spiritual ascension and have a desire to heal themselves of old stories, emotional wounds, old patterning, soul wounding, past life traumas to reclaim and embody the feminine essence within them through the sacred space of their womb and heart.

I also support you to come back into balance with your inner feminine and masculine and step into your greatness with as much ease and grace as possible.   


So How Can I Help you

I want to share with you are very brief background of my own journey.  Being on this path myself for the last 11 years, I have come to intimately know the challengers, heart breaks, trial and tribulations of a spiritual awaking process.  I have also experienced many times joy and the gifts I have received along the way, which are very much rewarding.

As a woman, growing up in a very tough masculine environment and as we live in a very masculine/patriarchal culture currently,  I learnt very early on in life, for me to survive in a "man's world", essentially meant I had to immerse myself into my masculine side in a very big way - behave in a way that was accepting to the masculine - behave like a man in a woman's body. 


With this came all the distorted power plays, control, manipulation, deceit, anger, aggression, ownership and domination behavioural traits.  Yes, my feminine side wanted to show herself numerous times and she did,  mainly though from a wounded feminine aspect of neediness, manipulation, jealousy, anxiety, fear, lack of boundaries around my most sacred feminine parts of my body.  I was betraying my body, my soul, the very essence of who I truly am.  

I have been a journey of breaking down the person who I thought I was (a egotistic way) to my vulnerable rawness and re-creating myself (a form of death and re-birth process) over and over again.  This process still continues, and each time I am opening up and becoming what my soul has desired for me (my soul path), that is to reclaim my divine feminine sovereignty and seek spiritual ascension (bringing more light into my body).


With this being said, there are definitely times in our lives when embarking on a spiritual journey, we can become so far immersed in our own stories and heavily identified with it.   We can forget the reason why we are doing what we are doing.  Sometimes it can be hard to see what's actually going on & how to effectively resolve things, especially when we are experiencing those difficult and challenging times. 


We may be even saying to ourselves, "I don't need the help, I can do this on my own" and when you here this in your head, I learnt this is especially when you need the support the most.

As an Intuitive Soul Empowerment Life Coach and Energy Healer who has been in this place many a time and understands its challengers and its sometimes seemingly never ending spiral, I am not attached to your story, issues, challenges that you are personally facing.  I help and support you to see what you are not be able to see for yourself yet, have a fresh perspective and see new possibilities.   With your healing process  you are also provided with effective tools, body movement exercises and knowledge to empower you as you progress through your journey.

​I will help, support & guide you to recognise, embrace and heal with forgiveness and love through the blocks, wounds that have been suppressed, repressed or rejected, old patterns and limiting beliefs that is holding you back from fully immersing into your divine feminine essence and reaching your full potential. 


I will also help you to see and work with the principle of the law of attraction and how it is playing out in your life and how you can start co-creating intentionally what your heart desires.


As we work through them, it will start to release the charge or hold it has had on you.   


Some of the benefits you will start to see and experience are:


↬ Connect to the great Wisdom of your most Sacred Feminine part of your body - your Womb Space.

↬ Reconnect back to Mother Earth & Natures Elements.

↬ Gain more clarity on what your Heart Desires, Why you want it  & How will it make you Feel.

↬ More Awareness of your emotions, feelings, thoughts, decisions & actions in all aspects of your life - emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual.

↬ Release of old blocks, patterns, past wounds, belief systems that have been holding you back.

↬ Start creating new Healthy Boundaries.

↬ Become more aware of your own Self Talk which will support you to become a more effective Communicator with Yourself and Others.

↬ Awaken your Divine Feminine Essence and start to fully step into your womanhood with confidence, abundance, grace and power.

↬ Immerse into the hidden pathways of your Sensuality and experience pleasure in all aspects of your life.

↬ Ignite your senses by becoming fully present with your body

↬ Have more meaning in your life.

We all need help and support in our lives, we are not meant to do everything alone.

Book a FREE Heart to Heart Call


To explore together where you are at, what your womb desires for you right now, and identify what the next steps are for you and how I can help you.


Are you Ready  to ​ reclaim your feminine sovereignty  ?

 Explore what your womb is desiring right now, where you are currently at and if you are ready to accept your souls invitation to reclaiming  your divine feminine essence.


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Heart to Heart Chat

Awaken your deep centre womb consciousness and experience a powerful womb healing session

During the session you will delve into the inner wisdom of your sacred womb through deep shamanic journeying . This will give you the opportunity to acknowledge and heal any old wounds, patterns and traumas that are blocking you from your Divine Feminine Essence.

1-1  Healing Session

Learn to master your emotions by experiencing a powerful and profound healing journey.


The programs are designed to support you to heal, change, create and transform your life.


Leading you to start reclaiming your feminine sovereignty by becoming your most confident, abundant and empowered self.


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What People are Saying. . .

What its like to work with Melinda Langford

Jade Fitzsimmons

Intuitive Wellness Coach

Melinda has a wonderful and very giving energy and aura around her.  She has the ability to really feel things, identify with them, get to the core and heal.  I have experienced this from Melinda and I can say that she is amazing.  Thank you Melinda for being you and for sharing your light with me.  Love and Light to you always.

Mita MJ Parmar

Leadership and Resilience Mentor

Growing up I was labeled ‘sensitive’ and I thought this meant there was something wrong with me. Somewhere in my life journey, I chose to ignore how I felt and live my life by what I thought.

Melinda helped me to get out of my head, surrender to my feelings and take inspired action from my heart-centre. I am so grateful to Melinda and recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward in their life in alignment with their heart-centre.

Jean Cobine

Transformation Coach


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For any inquiries regarding a heart to heart session, 1-1 healing session, or any further assistance, please fill in the details below and I will get back to you within 24 hours via email or you can contact me on directly at


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