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How to Transcend your Inner Shadow Ebook

As an Intuitive Soul Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer who has been in this place many a time, I can honestly relate and understand the challenges as well as gifts and the sometimes seemingly never- ending spiral of raising the vibration of our frequency.
I am here to support you to connect to and manifest your soul path, heal old wounds, reclaim your feminine sovereignty and raise your level of vibration.

 It is not my place to be attached to your very personal story or challenges that you might be facing.  It is merely my role to support you to see what might be hidden from your sight in this phase of your journey, and to find a fresh perspective and new possibilities.   During your healing process, not only will I help you to connect with the necessary hidden aspects of yourself that is requiring your attention, I will also share effective tools, techniques as well as body movement exercises to assist to strengthen the depth of your experience.


​I will support & guide you to recognise, embrace and heal with forgiveness and love, and to work through any blockages and wounds that have been suppressed or rejected for so long. In your own way, you will eventually discard old patterns and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from fully immersing in your divine feminine essence. This is all about you reaching your full potential. 
We will also work with the principle of the law of attraction and examine how it is playing out in your life and how you can start to co-create intentionally, exactly what your heart desires that is in alignment with your higher path.

Step onto your Souls Path & Reclaim your Feminine Power

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We will work together to explore what you are currently experiencing.  We will identify the steps that need to be taken for you to find the perfect balance and take away something you can put into practice immediately.

Benefits you can Start to See and Experience Working with Me are:

↬ Connect to the Wisdom of your Womb Space or Hara.

↬ Reconnect with Mother Earth & Natures Elements.

↬ Develop awareness of your emotions, feelings, thoughts, decisions & action in all aspects of your life - emotional, mental, physical & spiritual.

↬ Release blocks, patterns, past wounds, and belief systems that have been holding you back.

↬ Start creating new healthy boundaries.

↬ Become more aware of your own self-talk, which will support you to become a more effective communicator with yourself and others.

↬ Ignite your Feminine Power and embody your Sensuality, Sexuality & Creativity in your own authentic way.

↬ Start raising the level of your frequency.

↬ Start recognising & working in alignment with your Soul's path.

↬  Ignite your senses by becoming fully present with your body.

↬  Discover the wonderous meaning in your life.

We all need support and guidance.  We are not meant to do everything alone

Book a FREE Heart to Heart Call


We will work together to explore what you are currently experiencing.  We will identify the steps that need to be taken for you to find the perfect balance and take away something you can put into practice immediately.

Book a FREE Heart to Heart Call


We will work together to explore what you are currently experiencing.  We will identify the steps that need to be taken for you to find the perfect balance and take away something you can put into practice immediately.

What People are Saying. . .

suzanna vella pic.jpg

I decided to work with Melinda as I, for a long time, was feeling blocked and confused as to why I wasn't moving in the direction I felt I was working very hard to move towards. Melinda helped me to dig deep and unearth things I never knew about myself, Melinda guided me to change my perspective and I was given the tools to continue to go about my journey exploring and understanding what stories were playing out for me. Melinda provided me with a safe space to feel some of the most tough and dark emotions I have spent a long time avoiding. 


Melinda has helped me clear and release things that have been holding me back and even though my time with Melinda only began to touch the surface of what is to be discovered she has given me the confidence and clarity to continue my journey of becoming the best and most true version of myself. I recommend Melinda to anyone wanting to learn more about themselves, to anyone wanting to understand what may be holding them back in life and to anyone needing guidance towards a safe space to begin their healing. 


Thank you Melinda

Suzanna Vella

Luddenham, NSW

Mita IMG_1613.JPG

Melinda has a wonderful and very giving energy and aura around her.  She has the ability to really feel things, identify with them, get to the core and heal.  I have experienced this from Melinda and I can say that she is amazing.  Thank you Melinda for being you and for sharing your light with me.  Love and Light to you always.

Mita MJ Parmar

Leadership and Resilience Mentor

Jean IMG_1614.JPG

Growing up I was labeled ‘sensitive’ and I thought this meant there was something wrong with me. Somewhere in my life journey, I chose to ignore how I felt and live my life by what I thought.

Melinda helped me to get out of my head, surrender to my feelings and take inspired action from my heart-centre. I am so grateful to Melinda and recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward in their life in alignment with their heart-centre.

Jean Cobine

Transformation Coach

Thank you Melinda for everything you did for me you’re awesome. It took a little while to get this to you after I finished our 14 week soul journey but I’m eternally grateful for everything that you did and were able to explain and help me express I know I will be in touch in the next month or so for some more energy healings as they were truly transformational love you heaps and I am eternally grateful.

Sam Leroux
Castle Hill, NSW

Jade Fitzsimmons

Intuitive Wellness Coach

Debbie Newman_edited.jpg

I am 35 years old and during 2021 I wanted to work closely with a spiritual teacher/mentor to further explore my spirituality but also work on myself.  I felt called to do this. 


I manifested Melinda and knew that I needed to work with her.


I decided to enter into the 14 Week Soul Healing & Empowerment Program.


Before starting the program, I was completely stressed and overwhelmed with what was happening internally and externally. This program helped me to really understand my mind and learn how to control my ego thoughts and to learn and trust the process. My thought process and how I see things has completely changed and I am so grateful for what this program has done for me. I had absorbed so much knowledge, information and practice from Melinda.


After the completion of the program. I have learnt to meditate a lot better, control my thoughts, and express myself without judgment, I've become a lot more at peace. This program has completely transformed me in so many ways and I am truly grateful for this. 


Thank you once again Melinda, I'm looking forward to working with you again this year.  

Debbie Newman
Minchinbury, NSW

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