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Empower the Essence of You


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Purpose Driven Being!

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"How to Transcend Your Inner Shadow"

(Simple and effective exercises to help you release suppressed emotions, limited beliefs, unhealed emotional wounds so you can step into your true potential)

Do you find yourself being Snappy and Reactive to situations and you find yourself saying "I Just Can't Help It"?

Are you feeling lost, stagnant, confused, and even frustrated in your life right now?

Do you find yourself making the same mistakes all the time?

Are you attracting to same type of people in your life that constantly push your buttons?


Do you experience an excessive amount of any of the following:

Fear, Anger, Anxiety, Worry, Insecurities & Doubt?


Are you looking for help & support to guide you through the labyrinth of your inner world & help you make sense of it all?


If you answered YES to any or all of the above then keep reading on!

You may also be feeling. . .


You're not happy with you life right now and you want to change things around.

You want to just drop all the personal baggage that has been wearing you down.

You deeply want to step into your own personal power and step away from what you think everyone else thinks you should be, do or have.

You want to discover what your true potential is and who you truly are

- step into your own greatness!

You want more direction, purpose and control in your life.

You are keen to look outside the box or step away from conventional way of thinking and are looking for a new approach in your life.

You want to start focusing on you and taking better care of yourself.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were to live as your most confident, abundant and empowered self?  

Book a FREE Heart to Heart Call

To explore together where you are at, what blocks you are aware of & not aware of that is holding you back.  Identify how to overcome the problems or issue that is affecting you right now.

I totally get where you're at! 

Take it from me, I know what it is like!  This was me in a nutshell:

↬  Emotionally unstable and highly reactive, to the point it was controlling me.

  Running on overdrive, scattered, lost and most of the time in overwhelm.  

↬  Experienced post natal depression for 3 years.

  Constantly worried about everything going wrong. 

  Became angry, bitter, manipulative and at times aggressive to get what I wanted. 

↬  Controlled everything around me including my family. 

 There is always an opportunity to turn your life around and gain  EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, PHYSICAL & SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT!

So How Can I Help you

There are times in everyone's life where we are so far immersed in our own stories and heavily identified with it, that it can be hard to see what's actually going on & how to effectively resolve things.   

As an Intuitive Soul Empowerment & Life Coach and Energy Healer who is not attached to the story, issues, challenges that you are personally facing, I will help you to have a fresh perspective, see new possibilities and provide you with effective tools, practical exercises and knowledge to empower you via a selection of packages I offer.  I will also help you to see what you are not be able to see yourself. 


​I will help, support & guide you to recognise and heal through the blocks, wounds, patterns, limiting beliefs and shadow side that is holding you back from your potential. 


I will also help you to see and work with the principle of law of attraction and how it is playing out in your life and how you can start co-creating what your heart desires.


As we work through them, it will start to release the charge or hold it has had on you.   


Some of the benefits you will start to see and experience are:


↬ More clarity on what you want, what you do & how you feel.

↬ Increase of awareness in all aspects of your life - emotional, mental, physical & spiritual.

↬ More in control of your emotions, feelings, thoughts, decisions & actions.

↬ Have more meaning in your life.

We all need help and support in our lives, we are not meant to do everything alone.


My Name is Melinda Langford

Ashati Energy Healer/teacher &  Soul Empowerment Coach

I am here to help and support you to reconnect to the essence of who you are and lead you to become a more conscious purpose driven being.

My Mission

To inspire & support those who are seeking resolution to heal themselves of old stories, emotional wounds, old patterning, soul wounding and achieve spiritual ascension.

I support you to come back into balance and step into your greatness and divine calling with as much ease and grace as possible.   


Are you Ready  toStep into your true Essence & reclaim your Power?

 Explore further whether you are ready to shift your current reality from what is not serving you, and start moving in the direction towards your soul's calling and heal.


Schedule a FREE Heart to Heart Call today.

Heart to Heart Chat

Learn to master empowerment by experiencing a powerful and profound healing journey.


The program will support you to heal, create change & transform your life.


Leading you to your divine calling and to become your most confident, abundant and empowered self.


Experience a powerful emotional healing and mindset shift session

During the session we go deep into discovering the inner essence of who you are.  We look at what your vision is, your values, where you're currently at and most importantly, what's stopping you from moving in the direction you want, plus more.

1-1 Empowering Your

True Essence Healing Session

 Experience working with Energy to heal yourself emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually. 


Receive energy activation's and learn how to release suppressed emotions, fear, limitations and so much more.

Your true purpose will reveal itself naturally as you progress through your journey.

Courses & workshops


What People are Saying. . .

What its like to work with Melinda Langford

Jade Fitzsimmons

Intuitive Wellness Coach

Melinda has a wonderful and very giving energy and aura around her.  She has the ability to really feel things, identify with them, get to the core and heal.  I have experienced this from Melinda and I can say that she is amazing.  Thank you Melinda for being you and for sharing your light with me.  Love and Light to you always.

Mita MJ Parmar

Leadership and Resilience Mentor

Growing up I was labeled ‘sensitive’ and I thought this meant there was something wrong with me. Somewhere in my life journey, I chose to ignore how I felt and live my life by what I thought.

Melinda helped me to get out of my head, surrender to my feelings and take inspired action from my heart-centre. I am so grateful to Melinda and recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward in their life in alignment with their heart-centre.

Jean Cobine

Transformation Coach


Connect with Me

For any enquiries regarding a heart to heart session, 1-1 healing session, or any further assistance please fill in the details below and I will get back to you within 24 hours via email or you contact me on directly at


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